New Years Resolutions ~ Goals and Challenges

107171666103131172_3j0YC7Oc_b As the New Year approaches us, I’m sure everyone is thinking about what their New Years resolutions is going to be and I’m sure there are some you that don’t do that and that’s it fine. Well for me, I always have something to do with fitness and Exercise!! This year of course it is, but also to Start eating More clean and healthier. It is the hardest thing for me to do!! I can work out till I am Blue in the Face, but if I don’t make better food Choices I am not going to lose and I will feel much better when I pick better food choices, of course. Exercise is 20% and Your diet is 80%, you have to watch what goes in your mouth. We are what we eat!! So with that said, I am going to eat healthier and make better choices and exercise daily!! Decide ~ Commit ~ Succeed

As I reflect on the last year of Running for me and think of how far I have come in 2012, it makes me even more excited for 2013!! Also makes me very exciting to share with all of you and learn along the way as well. I will always have a special Place in my Heart For June 16th 2012, I ran My first Full Marathon, there were no words. There is no other feeling like that. I pushed very hard and trained very hard for that!! I had Back surgery 9 months before that, so I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to keep running, I pushed through that and here I am. I had some ups and downs training, we all do. But I was on a High fr most of it, Just thinking I am doing something I never thought I could do , Run a Marathon ~ There will be days I might think I can’t run a marathon, but there is a lifetime knowing I did!! My Doctor said maybe I should not take up Marathon running, but I am not done with my journey yet and as long as my back is feeling good I have a lot more planned. My Main goal is to Train for my 3rd and 4th Marathons. So I have a lot of goals and challenges to help me along my training. Some of my goals this year are to Run 13 Half Marathons in 2013. 1 Half Marathon each month and 1 extra or more than one. Another one Put on 2013 Miles in 2013. First goal is to just put on 2013, running, walking, biking, etc!! Which I did this last year. I put on 2,317 doing all that last year, so Hopefully I can go past that again this year. If I could put 2013 in just running that would totally make my year. I am going to push hard but I just not sure if I can pull that off!! That’s a lot. My running mile so far this year are 1,640 mile. My goal was 1,500. I was very happy with that!! I am going to push hard and up my goal from last year to 1,800. Still going to push for 2,013 miles!! I am also in the 13 races in 2013. There is a couple of Blogs that I have been following that are doing that challenge. It is to run 13 races of all Distances you choose. Official races or Virtual. I am excited for that too, that will push me with all the running in between my Half Marathons and Full Marathons Races push me, whatever it takes to push yourself, go for it!! I am also in an Eating Clean challenge, that is to help motivate me and support me. Love those groups for the support!

I hope each and every one of you has some goals set for yourself no matter what your interests are. Its alway great to have goals!! I am looking forward to what is in Store for the New Year 2013!! Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year!! Excited to start this Blog off sharing and motivating you all. Glitter Girl on the run is looking forward to bringing in the New year with the Polar Dash (-10 degrees has me a little Nervous) on Tuesday Morning. My First official Half Marathon in 2013. Super Excited!!!!!! Happy New Year

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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