The Polar Award ~

307599_439957809390964_1716665103_n Decisions, Decisions. I had been thinking about running in the Winter Polar Dash Half Marathon in the Cites on New Years Day, when I was at the Expo for the Womens Rock Full Marathon in September, a Team Ortho Race. I thought since I have live in MN my whole life, it would be kinda cool to do a cold race. Time passed and it was a week before the New Year, I got a calling or a sign, really not sure what it was but I made my decision just like that. I was going to Run my first Half Marathon on 2013, I was so excited, as the week went on. It was going to be my 6th officiall Half Marahon. We were invited to some great friends house to bring in the new year. I was very excited, but knew I was not going to be able to party and stay as long as I would have liked. It was ok though, my heart wanted to be two places at the same time. I left the party at 10:30 and my family stayed to bring in the new year. May family wished me luck and My friends there wished me luck and hugs. They said don’t you have anyone going with you to watch. I said no with a smile, It’s not about that, I’m fine with that. It’s always nice and I love it when someone comes to watch me at the finish line, but it’s not about that, I don’t expect anyone to stand outside in as cold as it was going to be. It was so nice of those girls to do and say the things they did. As I drove off, I knew I was where I wanted to be, running in the morning!! So I attempted to go to bed, I laid there and laid there, my stomach started hurting so bad, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any sleep, before I knew I had to get up and get ready to run this cold cold race. It was -11 degrees below 0. I have never been so nervous in my life to run a race. I was not even this nervous to run my First Marathon. I bundled up layer after layers of neon Colors. I had all the clothes for this one, cuz I am really like getting some fresh air and running outside, I never used to. The right clothes and you can do it!!
So I headed to the cites, I had no idea where I was going. I had to get to pick up my packet and get that all ready and find parking up there. By now I wanted to throw up!! Thinking oh boy how am I going to run 13.1 and in this cold. COURAGE God please give me the COURAGE to do this. I prayed the whole way up. I got up there 2 and half hours early, I wanted to be sure everything went well and I had time to just sit. I got my packet and waited in the car, got out and went for walks and did stretches, trying to mentally and physically get ready for this race. Team ortho said that this year with the temps, that if you wanted to opted out half way you could do that if you wanted. It was so nice after I got all that settled my tummy started to feel much better and I was able to eat something. It was approached 8:30. Race time was 9:00. So I geared up, put all my layers on and head-gear. I headed up to the bathrooms, always a long line, but I knew that! So I waited in line. I was freezing my buns off. I kept thinking how am I going to do this!! So after I got done there, they had warming tents so I headed in there for 10 mins and then it was time. I was so nervous, could not get the cold out of my head. (can’t imagine why -5 below).
So it was time, I headed to the Start line, It was so cold standing there. everything was frozen, the race got started about 10 mins late, so by then we were all frozen. The horn blew and we were off. Wow I was running without any feeling in my toes or fingers. I thought this has got to get better, mile one was so hard I wanted to cry already. So I told myself mile 1 is the hardest you can do this. It did get better and I did warm up a little. I have never ever seen so many frozen lashes and frozen beards and facial hair, you knew it was cold when you saw all the runner look like that!. It was mentally tough because you had to rerun a lot of parts of the route. So I was pushed through, could not drink but sip of water here and there. It was just too cold. I was coming up on the half way, Opting out was not even in my thoughts. I came here to do a Half marathon and that is what I am going to do. The hard part when we circled around and headed back the same route, I went right by my car. I just wanted to get in and warm up!! So on my way I went to come up behind this young girl who had lost her arm radio band, so I picked it up and handed it to her on the run. She said I didn’t even feel I had lost that. She looked so cold and she was so young. I ran next to her for about a mile, I asked her how old she was, she said I’m a 7th grader and this is my 4th Half marathon. I said that is amazing and that you are here doing this in these temps. I asked her if her mom and dad were big runners, she said no Just me. I wanted to do this race so bad, so they brought me. I started to tear up, I thought how cool was that she is the age she is and following her passion. She asked me how many miles to go, I didn’t even want to tell her but we have 5 and half miles left, her face hung heavy, I said you can do this dear, Your strong. Well she said I need to take a walk break, so Away I ran, I had tears and thought thank you for inspiring me little 7th grade girl I didn’t know her name. So away I went, in pain from being cold, and mentally trying to get through one of the toughest races I have done. Along side me is the girl I met at packet pick up before the race. We had talked a bit there and she said she had a neighbor that grew up in Harmony, of course i knew her, that was funny. So we ran, I said I was never so glad to have someone to talk to, she said the same things I was thinking, this is so darn hard. She had run 6 marathons and tons of half marathons and this one ranks up there as being one of the hardest. Our muscles were not working right, our legs were num, I felt like I was 300 pounds and trying to carry that along. As we chatted I asked her what she did and she said I was an X-ray tech but wished I would of followed my passion and been a Nutrionist. I said that is wheat I have a hard time with is the eating part, I have the exercise down pretty good, she told me about a few things to look up and read and watch. That was cool I though, She said how about you? I said I own the fitness center, waitress and A Nail Tech, so smiled at me and said you followed you passion, that made me smile and think yes I did!! I was so blessed to have talked with her for 3 miles, it was just what I need at that point of this race. By now It was getting so tough I just to let her go and walk this big hill ahead, I was freezing by the time I got to the hill, so I knew I could not walk much more, I wanted to cry again at this point, cuz it was so darn hard!. So I am closing in on the end and 1 mile left, here comes thousands of 5k runners, so that took my mind off hurting so bad, My back and leg did not hurt at all, just cold hurting. I could see the finish line and I shut my Ipod off, the tears were coming down my face already I thought this was one hard earned race, I crossed the finish, they said well done LINDSAY BARNES, yeah love it when they say your name. I thought my time was going to be very slow and didn’t even care cuz I knew how hard it was, they put that medal around my neck and I just cried. I finally looked at my watch and thought It could not be!! I was so Happy it was 02:16:03 I was very happy with that time. I went over and got a hot Chocolate and just thought I did it!! First run of 2013 and it was an officially 13.1 I could not have been more happy to be done. Runs like this only make you stronger!! What I have learned from running, If you just keep logging miles and pushing as much as you can. The more time you leave between runs the harder it is. You do become to love it and you get better at it, same with writing, I am not a writer, but I will get better the more I do, Thanks to Mary for Pointing that out to me. When I started I was not running every day and it was hard every time I would go out on a run, I hated it. I thought this is never going to get easier, but it does. I run just about every day I at least a mile or 5 or 10 cuz I want to and I love it. It’s not always roses, but I have committed to it and if you don’t it is going to be tougher. I am a positive person and I am not going to be down on something I love, even when it is though, its hard, I picked running cuz it is hard, I thrive on hard! I find the Happy in and not the negitive, if you choose happy the rest will take care of it:))) I was born an athlete and I love a challenge!! With that said we all got the POLAR award for running the Polar Dash and I got a great, but very hard race experience that I will have with me forever!!
Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


One thought on “The Polar Award ~

  1. Well done, Glitter Girl on the Run. You are truly an inspiration; thanks for sharing the TRIALS of your Polar Run. What have you planned for February? Continue doing what you are doing!

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