The training begins Fargo Marathon ~ 18 weeks

untitled Well here I am the girl who said she wanted to just run one marathon. Oh Boy, I love running so much, I was signing up for my 2nd marathon before I had even finished my 1st one. Call me crazy, Just doing something I never thought was even possible and I was doing it and Loving it!! She believed she can and she did!! I love how hard you have to push and how hard you have to work to commit if you want to do well and finish. I remember sitting in the Doctors office 3 months after my Back surgery and could not wait to hear the words you can run again. He said I hardly ever have people like you begging me to run or workout, like I was. Next question to him 3 months after back surgery can I run a marathon, he paused and said I don’t really think you should become a professional runner or anything and he laughed and I laughed, not about that at all. I just want to run, He said maybe not the best to do like 50 of them and he said Half would be great for you. Well I am not done with my marathon quest yet. I know he said you have to go with what feels good for you, which I have and I would not be doing all this if I were in pain, I think it has made my back stronger, So I will keep pushing mile after mile, as long as my back stays healthy and we’ll see after this year where I am at. Now here I am all signed up for my 3rd Marathon ~ Fargo Marathon, in North Dakota. I have a friend, Trisha that I work with, she has done the marathon there and is doing it again with her sisters this year. She said it is a great marathon and I have heard from others it is a well done marathon. I also have another friend Julia, I call her my Runner Angel Friend, we met on the Daily Mile, where I track all my workouts, so at first giving each other support and motivation for our runs. Come to find out she was moving to Rochester from Utah and going to live here for a year. She is Amazing, It has been great getting to know her and share our running and life stories!! We ran Womens Rock Marathon together, my 2nd marathon. I’m so glad I had her that day, a very tough race for me, dehydrated and pain in legs. You never know how each race is going to go. You never know where you will meet the most amazing people. I am so blessed to have met her. We are running Fargo together. She is a faster runner than me, so we’ll start off together and meet at the finish line. 🙂 She also has a friend Rachelle from Utah and I am friends with her on the Daily Mile and she is coming to run Fargo and be a Pacer. So that is cool too.
I have always followed Hal Higdon training for my half marathons and then my full marathons and they seemed to work pretty good, I have a few other that I have and I have been working on getting it all on paper and organized. I have 18 weeks to train hard and stay on track. It is amazing when you have goal and plans, and to finish a marathon you have to stick to them. I learned that with my 2nd Marathon. I did that one a little too soon after my 1st marathon, I should have had my time to heal in between them, but I am still happy I did it!! Thanks to the help of Julia. It is a major time commitment to train for a marathon and now that my kids are older I am able to do that. I know before it would have been very hard, but it is still possible if you want it bad enough. I try not to take any time away from my family and kids to train. That is just me, I am up early most days or I get it done after work before wrestling or a basketball game. On weekends the really long runs in the spring will come and I will be up early and home sometimes before they are even up! I love that!! I am trying to get in more strength training and Jillian workouts. Training for a marathon is a commitment that I love, I love to just run the miles I want like I have been the last few months, but I am ready to followa program and train harder!! I am so pumped. I have also decided to Run the Chicago Marathon In October 2013. Trisha my friend from work also asked me if I wanted to run that. I am so excited about this. A big race like that. WOW I was so nervous too. Registration for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon will open on Tuesday, February 19. They have 45,000 runners. Wow that is going to be crazy!!
My training along the way will be 13 Official Half Marathons, that will keep me in shape and going. You already read about my First one, the Polar Dash, my second is coming up in Rochester, MN on Feb.10th Lace up for Breast Cancer. Anyone that wants to join me on that let me know, I would love to run with you. Then I have Get Lucky in March. St Patty’s day Race. I have a few in April so I have to decide on that one yet. The May one is going to be Lacrosse which I love cuz that was my first Half marathon where all this started or Wisconsin, a great cheese medal. So there are a few, I di have a plan for the rest but have to set into stone. Anyone of you that are thinking of running starting off small, you can do it!! I never ever thought I could do this!! I started with a 5K and now I am training for my 3rd marathon!! You can do it!! Well as you read, I have never been so happy and ready to do this. Let the Training begin ~ Fargo Marathon 2013

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


2 thoughts on “The training begins Fargo Marathon ~ 18 weeks

  1. bahhhhh!!!! i cant believe its already only 18 weeks away! actually have been talking with rachelle this week…she thinks she will come up on wednesday and then we can drive up to the race on friday!!!! eekk! i think my bro is running it too! how awesome! a little mini vacay with all my faves:) we MUST train together:) i need a training buddy! miss you! see you soon! you inspire me daily friend!

    • Oh awesome Julia, I can’t wait to hang out and run that weekend!! Awesome that your brother is going to run it too!! We will train for sure, I need a buddy too!! I am so excited for you and your up coming Marathon!! Warm weather in Miami! Hoot Hoot!! Thank you so much, you inspire me daily as well as well!! 🙂

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