Tough Run ~

Well I had a 8 mile longer run planned and  woke up with a tummy ache. so I switched it to 6 miles. I knew I had to get my run in this morning, because high winds and gust were coming.  So I laid around a little longer and got a little something to eat, because I knew I needed something in my stomach to run.  I called my mom, who is very good at picking me up on my way to town which is 8 miles and she said she would.  I got all my cold running gear on, which is not easy some days, so much tight compression. I knew today I hardly had the strength to get that on it, but I  headed out, thinking in my head. This is not going to be good, I had no drive, not much energy, ugh.  The temps were really good 32 degrees, it was windy but not too bad yet and it was a cross wind. Of cousse they were good temps when I didn’t feel good. I pushed all week in the cold and rain to get my miles in, in freezing cold winds.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t feel good today.  So  I started out the run, nothing was feeling right, side ached and my head was now pounding.  The nice sunshine was starting to come out which helped me a little.  the sun always puts a smile on my face. I had to take small walk breaks, which this was the first time since my half marathon in the cities that I took a walk break.  I usually don’t allow them cuz then i think I need a lot of walk breaks.  It is such a head game!!  I was thinking the whole time, why didn’t I bring my phone so I could call my mom to come and get me, but I did not. So I continued to run and far as I could.  I had one break down and cried and thought  I can I run a marathon I can hardly run this 6 miles, I have 20 more to go to run a marathon.  I was pretty down then!!  As I was coming to the end of the 6 miles, I see my moms car coming, the smile that lit up my face was huge.  I was thinking as she pulled up, this is why I love running so much, it turns something not so good into something great and happy.  I had to push so hard through discomfort and pain to reach a happy point!!  I was never so happy to be done with my run and never so happy to see my mom.  In the life of a Runner, every day is different, some good runs, some great runs, and the bad ones too.  I am just putting one foot in front of the other and  happy to have the miles in very happy with my commitment 🙂227431849902307190_hGqU2Wsw_b  There will be days I’m not sure if I can run a Marathon, but there will be a life time knowing that I did ~ Impossible is Nothing

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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