Tough Winter Running, makes for one Happy Girl ~

mailWell this year has sure been a tough year for getting outside and running.  I have not always been strong about getting out in the cold, whether it is running or walking or whatever kind of exercise.  I was usually inside untill a couple of years ago!! I finally realized it was not bad at all, if you have the right clothing, you really warm up fast!!  Last year winter temps were absolutely perfect for training for my first marathon, I was never so happy  and proud to get outside as much I did and run!  This year has been a lot different. The temps have been extremely cold, high winds and Icy!  I have not let any of that be a factor in my training!!  I have stood strong and ran outside through all of this, every darn day ~ JUST DO IT ~ One step at a time, One Mile at a time.  Makes me very proud. I have put in January 125 miles and Feburary is going oog as well.  I love to run, so I really don’t need an even to push me, but It sure does help to know that you have a Marathon coming up and you have to get the miles in if you want to finish strong!!  I always want to improve with each race, sometime in this cold weather running ans didfferent days  I feel I am not getting faster or stronger, but I have to remember PR’s are made in the winter.  I really  am feeling stronger and I have lost some weight, which really helps with running. Every day I am planning the next run and writing how all my runs go, I am always following my schedule and plan to run this marathon in May!!  I am so exciting, I love how running makes me feel and how everything in life just seems to go smoothly since I have been running a lot!!

Winter Running seems to be a very tough thing for people to get out in, if you have a pair of yak trax  and some good compression clothing you can do it!!  I have even put on my goggles to avoid the wind and that had helped a lot!!  It it amazing feeling running in all different temps.  The yak traxs help with slipping, the only think is running ling miles in them, my ankles get very sore.  Short runs they are perfect.  I have a running light that I use, when I run in the early morning in town.  I have very bright clothes so people can see me.  I had a friend tell me , they were proud they saw me one morning running with all my gear on and they were proud I was looking out for my self!!  Always have to be safe!!  I have such a passion for running that the cold is not going to stop me.  I am just not a fan of the treadmill and I feel I work so much harder outside. I have a very nie treadmill at home and own a fitness center and I still prefer the good old outdoors!!

Yesterday I got up early and headed outside it was 17 degree’s and very windy.  I was running for Sherry!!  A year ago Sherry was Killed, a  runner, teacher,  & a mom.  She just set out on a run on her country road and was in the wrong spot at the wrong time and was kidnapped and murdered.  Very sad, as I head out on my runs on my country roads all the time.  I pray every time I head out.  This story really hit home to all us runners out there!!  I was honored to run for her last year and again this year, I ran 4 miles for her.  RIP Sherry ~


So as for winter running, you can get out there and do it!!  You have the courage to bust through and you will amaze yourself and feel so good after you do it!!  I have had so much motivation this winter and energy, and that is because you make your own energy!!  If you want it bad enough you will fight and push through, I know spriung is on the way!!

222383_10151305698619819_2028030940_n” One step at a time, One mile at a time”

Glitter Girl on Run ~  Lindsay


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