Winter Ice bath ~ Brrrrrr

I’m not sure what I think of Ice baths. It’s a love – hate relationship. They have really been helping with my leg. I have been doing them regular after some of my runs!! I remember the first one I did last year. It took everything I had to get into that water. I’ve have got alot better. I just grab my phone and a cup of tea and get in for 15 minutes. I leave my clothes on so its not as cold. The other day after my half marathon I texted Tayah to get my ice bath ready. Trevor has also got a few ready for me as well. I got home and they said its so cold mom, we just had our feet in it. They were having a contest to see who could stay in it longest!! Love my kids, they support my running and are always doing nice things for me!! It is for sure a lot tougher in the winter when it’s below 0, just thinking about getting in one. I think of my mom and I know she would never even dream of getting in there. Then you have to get into the ice bath. You just kinda go numb. I prefer them after a hot run for sure!! I’m just glad to be doing them, my legs are very important to me and I need them healthy. It’s been a great this winter everything is feeling great. Getting excited to crank up the miles soon. Thank goodness I had the COURAGE to try the ice bath! I really do like them now!! 🙂

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay



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