2nd Official Half Marathon of 2013

bdbaf1d48ae1f8e85474ccf6c98ad69aAs I sat down a few months ago to plan out my 13 Official Half Marathons of the year, I knew January and February were going to be tough months to get an official Half Marathon in.  The weather is so cold here in MN and no one really wants to volunteer in too many cold races!!  So I planned POlar Dash in the negatives temps and  there were no other Half Marathons, so there was no backing out!  It was tough but I Did it!!  Then February came and it was the Half Marathon in Rochester,  Nice and close yay!! It was Lace Up for Breast Cancer Feb 10th.  I then found the weekend before they were going to do a training run for it in Rochester.  So I thought great, it has been tough getting longer runs in, in the winter months so I did it!!  We stayed over night at a hotel in Rochester since we had a wrestling tournament there that day.  It wa snowing and we had Ice previously so I was very nervous.  I got up and headed down to Mayo Highschool, it was freezing -10 below and very windy. 20 people showed up.  I figured it was the die hards!!  As we got going there was so much ice under the snow  along the whole trail, I did wear my yak tracks cuz I wasn’t sure how far I could run in them.  After mile 8 I thought I am going to turn around I was beat and my ankles hurt so fighting the Ice, so I headed back. I thought that why there is training runs!!  So the week of the Lace Up Race, snow and Ice were predicted for the weekend.  I was bummed but I also knew how hard it would have been and I also look for safety first.  They called the race off on Saturday morning early.  I had paid $45.00 for the race they said all the money would go towards Breast Cancer research.  I was so happy with that, but still wanted to run for Breast Cancer. That Sunday Morning came and the Ice really never came, so I headed out in the cold,wind, fog and rain and did it 13.1 . It felt so good and glad I got it in.  Although I ran it I was not happy it was not official.  So I got out my Half Marathon on MN calendar and looked to see if there was 1 more race in February.  There was the next weekend and it was in St. Paul.  I thought all week about this race. I himmed and hawed, I wasn’t sure if I had enough courage left to run that far in the cold again!!  The temps expected to be were -3 .  Its has taken all i got to go out in these conditions.  I found out you could sign up that morning.  So Friday night I laid everything out and went to bed.  My husband asks before I went to sleep, so are you running that race in the morning. I said not sure, he says wow your going to sleep on it.  I said yep!!  Crazy I know.  I had to see how I felt in the early morning. Well 4:00 am came quickly I got up and headed outside and though I’m doing it the wind was down!!  So I did packed up and got some oatmeal in me and headed to the Cities, no idea where this race was. just me and my Garmin heading to a Half Marathon!!  :))  I found it with no problem, sign up went great and I had an hour to gather my thoughts and get ready. This was called the Half Fast Half Marathon.  They had a warm building we all waited in patiently and then they said line up time!!  The route was going to be out and back along the roads of Vadnais.  I started out feeling so good, my pace was really fast for the first 3 miles, so happy with that.  We had some Ice down a lot of the side roads but just slowed down a little for that!!  Everything was perfect, so far half way. My body was just in a groove.  I had my headphones on and just ran,  came upon a couple of water stops and took a couple of second break just to drink my water.  The temps had warmed up to 5 degrees’ with not much wind.  I wished I could have bottled that day up.  I could see the building we started at and knew it was almost over, it was a day I could have kept running.  I came to the finish line and knew I had a great time for sure.  Dealing with cold temps and all that Ice I probably could of PR if I didn’t have that!!  I was beyond Happy with my time 02:07:39 .  So I got some hot chocolate and headed back to my car and off I went to make it to my daughters last basketball game!!  Which they won and she had a great game. I am so glad I made it all work out and the race went as perfect as it did.267851_189951774462490_898611500_n

# 2 Official Half Marathon is in the books!!  I love this goal of mine this year, it is really going to push me.  I will also do virtual Half Marathons and races just to push me even more throughout the year!!  So with March Coming you know me I’m always planning ahead, it is going to be the Get Lucky Half Marathon in the Cites as well. I have never ran that, but know where it is and ran parts of it when I ran Womens Rock and the Polar Dash!!  Hills I think!!  I am getting my outfit all ready for that! Love that part too. As some of you know me I love fashion and love to dress up!! So I have a few weeks to gear up for that.  I will be on a mission that day coming from Red Wing to race and back to Red Wing to watch my daughter play Volleyball, maybe that will help me PR that day.  I don’t want to miss anything if I don’t have too!!  So before that race we are headed to Palm Springs, so excited to run in the warm, a week before that half Marathon, yay .   As I was thinking about our trip, I wondered if there were any race in California, crazy me always thinking of something to push me!!  Yes there is a Race, so I might get my 3rd in before the Get Lucky!!  It is the Santa Monica Race along the Beach, it sound so awesome!!  I have to see if it would work.  Sounds awesome though.  10 days till we leave so I guess I will take in a few more cold runs before that!!  I got in a nice 15 mile training run yesterday that went perfect, I am ahead of last years training.  I am so happy and proud of my training this winter.  I am so pumped for Fargo Marathon and I am still not sure if I am in for Chicago Marathon yet.  The registration will be opening this weekend again sometime. My 2 friends are in so I hope I can get in.  If not I will run the Twin Cities Marathon, that I heard is awesome and 30,000 fewer people. So with that I will keep putting in my time, one step at a time,  Mile after Mile 🙂

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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