Running in Palm Srings ~

150007_569022816460094_1420765747_nI have been dreaming of the beautiful Palm Springs weather on every cold run I have been doing this Winter!!  We were not planning on going anywhere this winter since we had got new flooring in 5 rooms.  I was sad about that, but I was happy to have new flooring and I know you can’t have it all, all the time!!  My parents had been out there last October through December and loved it so much!!  I went to visit them while they were there and my sister came out too!!   We ran the Rock and Roll Half marathon in LA, it was amazing running with my sister and I hope that we will get the chance again!  I will have a recap on that race coming soon, It was so much fun and a great memory, I want to Blog about it!!  I ran every day in Palm Springs, the mountains are just amazing and the views are so awesome!!  I could not wait to wake up and run! The weather was Hot then So I had to head out early!!   So after there stay in Palm Spring, they came back to the cold winter in MN the end of December and hated it!!

mailThey decided to buy a place out in Palm Springs!!  Right, then and there that changed my mind, I knew we could stay for a lot cheaper and I really just wanted to relax and run, so that is what we did!!  My husband I flew out there for 6 days!!  I have the best husband on this earth, he so easy going and he let me do my thing and run and he just relaxed! We got there chatted and went out for Lunch, Loved seeing them and their new place.  By now I am chopping at the bit to get my SPARKLE SKIRT on and my TANK TOP on and just go run!!  I love it that much, I really do!!  I have a path I follow so I headed out, I ran about a half mile till I get up and over this hill, they my view is amazing, the Mountains, the palm trees and me running for me! The tears were just rolling down my cheeks, I just thought how hard I have works and how hard it has been running all these miles in Cold MN that I just though I have earned this place and this whether. I also thought how hard my parents have worked to get here and How lucky   I was just in my glory, everynight I would lay my running clothes out and figure out my running time!!  I ran every day and walked with mom and dad. My husband even went on a couple walks!!  I just cherish the walks and time with my mom and dad!!  The views are amazing here, Just Breath taking!!  This trip we ventured up the mountain, the first time dad I a Hiked the Mountain and then the second time up I ran it!!  Wow that is a tough workout!!  I loved it though!!  I am for sure going to find some trails this summer.297313_193292120795122_511550758_nAs I took my last run up the mountain and on the trails, I thought I much I loved this new place and the weather there,  Also  How lucky I am that I will get to come here and visit may parents but  I  did realized how much I really do love all the seasons we get in MN to walk and run in!!  I look forward to every change and in Palm Springs I would not be able to run in the summer, just way to hot!  In the winter I was able to bundle and put mile after mile in!! I can’t wait till next year to visit one of my new favorite places!!  Jamaica will always be my favorite place, but California is sure trying to steal my heart!!   So with that I Love to run the Mountains, the beaches, the trails, the Highways!  I just love to run everywhere!!

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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