# 3 Half of 13 ~ Get Lucky Recap

iphone photos 996Wow it’s been awhile since I have written, I better catch up!! Well I have been busy training for my #3 Marathon, I still can’t believe I am running another one. Sometimes I think is this the right thing to be doing and then I think yes it is!! I love to run and have been putting in my time and miles, so I know I will be ready! So you know my goal is to run 13 official Half  Marathon this year and consecutive months if I can make it work!  So far so good, January and February done and then I just did My official First St. Patrick’s day run.  I was so excited to dress up and I am part Irish, So I thought it was perfect!!  I had  a friend that was going to run and then something came up and they could not join me.  That did not stop me and my goals, I planned to run it all on my own and dress up all on my own, that is how important my goal is to me this year!! Oh and you know me I always have to do my toes, 13.1 or 26.2 🙂  iphone photos 960 So my family and I headed up to stay in a Hotel in Red Wing, because my daughter had a volleyball tournament there!! My plan was to drive from there to the cites and run quick and head back to the Volleyball tournament!!  I layed all my race gear out at the hotel and checked the weather out and it was supposed to snow and sleet and Ice!!  Wow was I nervous.  I had a hard time sleeping that night and earlier that day I fell on the Ice, I was thinking this was not going to be a PR day and I was Ok with that!!  I got up that morning and it was glare Ice in Red wing, I was freaked right out, but I had my cleats and thought you can do this you might have to run slow!!  The fact is that I love to run and still was exited to run this race!!  So I headed to the cited the roads got better and better as I drove, my gut felt so much better!!  A weight was lifted!! So I got to the race start and had an hour and 15 mins to spare, so for sure waiting in the car as it was so freezing and windy!!  The temps were 20 degrees but real feel 5 degrees, and it was so windy!!  As I was sitting in my car I got a knock at the door!! It was Jessie Powell. I knew Her and Melissa Onsager were going to be running the same race! I was hoping I would see them before the race started!  So she invited me into their car, it was great to chat with them before the race!!  This was going to be Melissa’s First Half marathon, I was so proud of her for committing to this!! We headed to the start line and I had to use the bathroom like normal, I hate the lines at races.  So off I went I was chilly to start but as the race went on I was perfect temperature.  The first part of the race went great I was under 10 min miles the first 6 miles, I was so proud of that!  Considering I fell on the Ice, I woke up sore from that!!  I was going to push through no matter what!!  As I was running along the water checking everything out the beauty on the route, I was smiling . All of a sudden the biggest bald eagle fly’s over and keeps going back and forth! I was in my glory, but My first thought was. It Melissa Mom coming here to watch her run her first Half marathon.  It was so cool I even got a tear.  I was thinking how proud of Melissa I was and I know How hard it is to train and run a Half Marathon.  Then I ran some more and was thrilled on my way to back to run by Melissa and Jessie during the race.  It’s always so much fun to see someone you know at a race!! By now I am stating to get a little sore in my left leg, my problem leg.  So for sure sunning a lot slower by now, but I was happy with slowing down and just finishing!  This was a great Race, as I got to the finish line, it was packed with people, and the normal tear runs down my cheek, I thought I am so glad that I found this passion cuz I really enjoy running!!  I finished this race in )2:15:51 and got a very cool medal.  So after that I decided to wait for the girls and I wanted to see Melissa finish her First Half Marathon, it was great to see them cross the line and to see Melissa Face brought tears to my eyes, It’s an amazing feeling that no one really know until you have run and done it!! :)) so glad I stayed to see them!!iphone photos 992  So back to Volleyball I went with a big smile on my face to enjoy my Runners High and thinking Yay I did it and # 3 Official Half Marathon of 13 is in the books!!  Bring on the Get in Gear in Minneapolis for my April Half Marathon!

Mile After to Mile, I’m doing it,  Motivating myself and staying committed ~ Lindsay Glitter Girl on the run!


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