Yay I won a Lottery pick for Chicago Marathon ~ Whoot Whoot

iphone photos 299A few months back I got a call from a friend that I worked with in Rochester, she started running around the same time I did and she has run 1 Marathon in Fargo last year!! We kept up on each others running, it was great to hear the stories!! I miss her, but I got a call from her wondering if I would be interested in running Chicago Marathon in October 2013. I say What?? Oh my gosh I don’t know!! Let me think on this one!! I thought I am running Fargo in May and this marathon is in October, that is a perfect time to rest between marathons, So I thought about it and thought I am going for it. This was an opportunity to experience a huge race and when I say huge I mean 50,000 people. That makes me so scared, but super excited. So I call her back and I say I am in. So it was going to be Trisha, her sister and I!! Oh boy. SO I have a month to wait for the big sign up. I put it in my phone to remind me. The last year the Chicago Marathon sold out in a week or less. So I knew I was going to have to get it done right away!! So the Sign up day came and I had to waitress that day, so was not going to be online right at noon since that is my busy time. Registration opened up at Noon. By 2:00 when I went to get on it was shut down and no one could register. I was online trying to figure out what happened, the Data base went crazy. Too many people were signing up at the same time it could not handle it all and it Crashed. So I was not in, I get a text from Trisha asking if I got in, she said we are both in!! I wanted to ball, I was so bummed. So You could put your email in and they would let you know what they were going to do with the last 15,000 spots they had left!! It was going to be 2 weeks though, so much stuff to deal with!! So I waited to hear back, then I did!! They decided with the last 15,000 spots that they were going to do a lottery draw!! By then I had decided that if I did not get in I was going to run the Twins Cites Full Marathon and I was 100% ok with that!! SO I put my name in for the Lottery and prayed!! I had to wait a week for that!! I kind forgot about it and when I was on vacation in Palm Springs the Email came in!! iphone photos 296I WAS PICK FOR THE LOTTERY AND I WAS IN TO RUN THE CHICAGO MARATHON, I WAS SO EXCITED!! I just cried and thought this is all meant to be, I want sure if I should have even signed up for this 4th marathon, but this all sealed the deal, I was meant to run and do this Chicago Marathon. After this one, we will see where my marathon training stands, and maybe I will just continue to run Half marathons. I think with my back I am doing a little more than I should, but as long as it is feeling so good and I am not in pain!! I am going to live my life doing the things that make me the most happy, life it short!! I am loving running and now my daughter is staring to run with me and that makes me so happy!!iphone photos 298

Look Out , Here I Come Chicago Marathon ~ Glitter Girl on the run~ Lindsay


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