Runners High from an Amazing weekend of Running!!

This last weekend is one of my top weekends for Running, I got to run with my daughter and great friends .  Running isn’t always about how far you ran or how fast.  Friends and family make it so fun!!  I live in a small town with no running groups and very few friends that run or love the run as much as I do, so there for I have been putting in mile after mile by myself, it does get very tiring after a while for sure with the long winter that we have had. Don’t get me wrong I love to run by myself too. It’s my time to get away from everything, burn off stress, just run free and listen to my music. So this last weekend started off on Saturday morning, I had worked at a local Volley ball tournament and I was gearing up for my 6 mile run that I was going to do the Trail for the first time. My daughters best friend who are Twins and my Great Friend Angie’s daughters. They are in track this year and asked if they could Join me on the run! I was beyond Happy that they wanted to run with me!! SO I picked them up and we hit the trail “I call it my RUN HAPPY Trail” We went out 3 and came back 3 it was a great 6 mile run and our pace was awesome, they made me smile and laugh throughout the run. I was just smiling from ear to ear when I got done and Just thinking about the next time I get to run with the 2 wonderful girl!! They told me that was the longest they had run, it made my day!!photo The Next day I was signed up for the Fools Five race in Lewiston, MN. It is a 5 mile race and I did it last year, great small town race!! I was meeting 2 friends at this race. Kristi a great friend I work with and Julia my runner angel friend I met Online!! Love them both so much, I call us the 27, 27, 47 running group, that is our ages!! Kind funny. I was so happy to see these girls and run with them, I could hardly stand it, again smiling from ear to ear!! We ran the Race and all got a PR. I ran my fastest 5 miles race and running my last mile the fastest!! 44:14 ~ I could just tell How much stronger I have got. I didn’t want the race to end cuz I just wanted to still run with my friends it was so much fun, but we were planning our next run in the cites and then Lacrosse, so that will be fun to do together!!20130411-201938.jpg I got home from that race for sure on a Runners High, I loved the push. I was thinking about getting into the shower, but just relaxing at home and I said hey Tayah to my daughter do you want to go for a run?? She said sure mom, I was shocked and the tears just came down my cheek. I have not been pushing running with her, She has only ran a few times with me. I have a strong passion for it, but she is just starting to like it and I don’t want to push her if she is not ready. I did not start loving running till 4 years ago, so she has a lot of time, but I think this is the beginning of something fun!! I was thinking how can this weekend get any better but it kept getting better and better!!image So we got back from run and I logged on to my computer and looked at a some of the sites I follow. I clicked on Running w/ spatulas. She had just had a fun week of virtual races and a photo contest! I had so much fun running all those races and used spatulas for all of them!! They motivated me to get out and get moving, I had to train anyways , so I just decided to use them as races and I pushed harder!! So back to the Running w/ Spatulas site, I click on it and scroll down to see all the winners, I did not see my name a little bummed , but ok with it, because I still got all my run sin and that’s what matters for my training, miles!! Still scrolling down to the photo grand prize Winner and it say LINDSAY BARNES ~ GLITTER GIRL ON THE RUN, I won the photo contest, she loved all my picture, I was beyond happy.  I could not believe it!! So I won a $100.00 prize pack that is being sent from a company of running stuff. I can hardly wait to see what it is!! Here are my photos and here is what she said

FIRST PLACE – Lindsay Barnes @ Glitter Girl on the Run

I love two things more than anything when selecting a winner – effort and creativity. Lindsay was jammed packed with both! She really deserves this and I can’t WAIT to see what goodies Sport Chek is going to send you :) She sent in a photo for each event and I really loved them all!!!!!! CONGRATS!

iphone photos 1287iphone photos 1200iphone photos 1112 So with that I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to sleep, I was truly on a runners high!! I love that feeling!! So excited for racing season and to be able to run with friends and so excited to meet some new online Blogger friends this summer at some races!! Hopefully Spring will be here soon!!
Mile after mile, putting in my time in!!
Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


6 thoughts on “Runners High from an Amazing weekend of Running!!

    • Thank you so much Mike, it means a lot!! I love following yoru Blog as well!! You are so inspiring and Motivating too!! I am so excited for you and your 100 mile!! Can’t wait to read about it!! :))

  1. Lady you are absolutely the best!! Your enthusiasm and positivity is contagious and inspiring!! So happy to have found the perfect run buddy :):):)

    • Same to you Julia, I thank god all the time to have met such an amazing person, we were meant to be the best runner friends ever!! I don’t want you to move ever!! Thanks your words mean the world to me!! I think the same thing about you!! I am so glad to have you to push e on my runs!! I am glad to be there for you as well!! Can’t wait for Fargo!! :))

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