The Tragic Finish Line that so many runners worked so hard to reach ~

603958_529991747039412_1784822475_nI woke up on Monday morning so excited and Happy it was Marathon Monday. The Boston Marathon, that I will Probably never be fast enough to run, but I am not going to say never now.  I thought I could never run a Marathon and now I am doing my 3rd and 4th this year!!   I had run 18.75 on Saturday so I think I was still on a Runners High. I could not wait to see how Kara and Shalane,  The Olympic Marathoner were going to finish, I was so happy for a few Bloggers I follow and they were running in the Boston Marathon.  I was just so happy for everyone and 3 years ago I didn’t really think anything of it and now I live and breathe it!!  I was surfing the web looking up lots of things about the Boston Marathon that morning.  I was just a bubble of energy. I took my son to his Ortho and returned to go Straight to the Computer to see hoe Kara and Shalane did in the Race, they ran amazing times, They got 4th and 6th place.  Shalane was originally from a small town by there and wanted first place in the worst way, so she was a little disappointed, but still happy with her race!! Her Fist time running Boston Marathon.  Those girls inspire me so much, they are just pure awesome!!  So I geared up for my daily run and headed out to the trail, where the snow has finally all melted off.  I call it my Run Happy Trail and that is the truth, it makes me so happy and free out there!!  I ran 4 miles and thought of the people running Boston Marathon and how hard they have worked to get there.  I lost a good friend back in 1994, she was an amazing runner, I call her my runner angel, so when Times are tough on my runs I reach out for her!!  I thought I’m sure you  would have ran this big race Laura.  I was full of Joy after that run.  I got home to the computer again ready to check out more on Boston Marathon, to see that there was an Horrible explosion at the Finish line. could not believe I was seeing what I was seeing.  The clock stopped at 4:09 and they had to clear the course. 3 people were killed and many people were hurt, some are still  in the hospital and wounded.What is wrong with this world, Why Another attack on the US, when is this going to stop, why the Boston Marathon.  I can not believe this is happening, I Was in shock and the tears were just rushing down my cheeks.  Heart Broken for everyone, runners and their dreams crushed, such a horrible senseless act.  I wasn’t even sure how I would sleep that night.  I was just at a loss of words and actions, all  I knew is  I was going to be doing the minute I got up the next morning .  RUNNING  FOR BOSTON and I did!!  A few Bloggers set up and a Virtual run and a bib!!  Running for Boston!!  So I printed it off and pinned it to my shirt.   I ran 4:09 miles for the time the Clock stopped and 26.20 minutes for = 26.2  Marathon.  I  Prayed for everyone on my run!!  Tears filled my eyes many times on my run.  I thought how Proud I am to be a runner and what a great big family we have of Runners!!   Whether we are marathon runners, 5k’s, 10k’s, Half marathoner or Full Marathoners…..we are a family….WE RUN! Today our family was hit and we will fight back!! 602198_197828380341496_1534537191_n I live in small town and have waitresses over half my life!!  There was a man who said I was thinking of you and hoping Our marathoner  wasn’t in Boston.  I walked away and the tear rolled down my cheek. We talked about the terrible things that happened in Boston, and I asked him if there were any leads,  I just want answers. He always asks me about my races and upcoming events.  It warmed my heart to get so many text  and messages from people and friends, People were hoping that I was not in Boston, people were checking face to make sure I wasn’t traveling!! Enev though it had nothing to do with me, People still care so much!!  My best friends sent me this message to me ” I had to share this with you!!! Kassidy was watching the terrible things in TV about the Boston Marathon and she said ” oh my mom Lindsay isn’t running there is she???” I said no not that one and she goes I hope she doesn’t go to any other ones that is so scary!!! It warmed my heart so much that so many people care so much!!  So in honor of Boston I wore my Grandmas  2012 Marathon Finisher shirt to work.  My first Marathon.  I was proud to wear a race shirt and my daughter wore her Color Run race shirt.  553017_197829690341365_74743966_n I will say am  a little nervous for my upcoming Chicago Marathon in October, I hope nothing Tragic happens again, will they attack again at  one of the largest Marathons.  The Chicago Marathon sent out a message stating they will be working even harder on More security and reassuring us.  I am to excited to be running Chicago Marathon……with more purpose than ever before!  I will run this year’s marathon with more pride and more heart than ever. Don’t mess with us  marathoners ! We will run!  Running has so many meanings in my life, I am so glad I found this passion for running and there is no stopping me now!! My heart and Prayers go out to Boston always, praying for all the families!!  544933_404838449623974_423060164_n

Praying for Boston I will Run for Boston, I will be dedicating my Chicago Marathon ~ Running for Boston ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~


2 thoughts on “The Tragic Finish Line that so many runners worked so hard to reach ~

  1. Lindsay, I have thought of you often over the last couple of days as I have watched the news coverage of the Boston Marathon. I just knew you would be so touched and that you would take action by running to assuage your feelings. You go, girl! Keep those running shoes warm. I also know that this will not deter you from running the Chicago Marathon. I’ll be running with you in spirit.

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