My 19 & 20 mile Long Runs with my Amazing Runner Friend ~

541531_197469693710698_2076993224_nAs you all know marathon training takes a lot of time and planning out your miles, days and hours doing it!! Which I am loving every minute of it, well for the most part.  we all know it’s not easy so there are times, you want to give up, but I really am enjoying it!!  I am at a time in my life where my kids are less needy and more independent and are gone a lot!!  So that does free up some of my time for me to run!!  I have been very good to get all my miles in this winter.  I never ever missed a run, I might have shaved a few miles off cuz of the cold and wind, but I put my time in no matter what the temps were. I have felt very good this training season.  I am full of energy, I very rarely run out of it til later in the evening!!  So the schedule was calling for the LONG RUN.  So I talked with my dear friend Julia, who I met Online through th Daily Mile, I still say to myself, who meets someone like this!! How Lucky am I to have her come into my life just when I needed someone to train with and teach and share all these memories of running.  She is an amazing friend and runner!!!  I am so excited to be running Fargo Marathon with her.   We talked and set up Dates and times to do our Long runs!!  The first one was going to be in Rochester on the trails!!  I drove to her house a few weeks ago, it was very cold and windy that morning.  Wasn’t sure how many layers to wear, the Temp was higher than it had been but still so windy so making it chilly,  18 degrees.  We took off from her house, there had been some snow flurrys the night before, but a lot had melted off the trail. the first 8 miles seemed to go pretty fast we talked and did not have our iPods on!! This was my first run with out my iPod for that long of a run. I do short runs with out, but not long runs.  Also I have never ran this far and talked to someone for that long while running!!  It was actually pretty good.  I could not believe I did it!!  As the run went on, my legs were not warming up at all.  My left leg was hurting, that is the one that acts up here and there.  I only took 2 water bottles so I ran out early, and was very thirsty this day. UGH  Julia was staying strong the whole time, Although her IT band was bugging her, but she pushed through.   At mile 15 all my happy positive thoughts were gone, Miss Happy, Bubbly girl was gone she was left back at mile 14.  It was so hard I kept thinking am I going to be able to run another marathon.  It was so windy, but we kept pushing through.  We had a lot of hills that I am not used too, but I pushed through.  We did stop and use the bathroom and I filled my water bottles.  Then we had 2 more miles to go!!  I took 1 minute walk breaks every mile we ran and that seemed to help!!  We finally got close and Julia ran up and I listened to 1 song and the I was to her house.  I could not believe we made it through again!!  Our pace was so awesome for me and hills I was so Happy with it!!  10:17 min miles and hills.18.75 miles.  I was very happy when I was finished with this run, it was a tougher one mentally & physically, but it made me aware that I can run another full marathon  The long runs always put the confidence in your head saying I can do the full marathon.  So on that Long run we planned the next weeks long run to be a 20 miler and we were planning to run that one down at my house on the Root River Bike trail!! 72590_198340076956993_71539194_nSo that weekend came the Saturday was a beautiful day the whole day I was thin king oh shoot we should have been running today, but we had stuff going on and we planned Sunday Long run!!  I had heard the weather forecast and it was not very good, 20 mph winds and Higher gusts, rain, sleet and snow.  Ugh  So I woke up at 6:30 am to snow-covered ground.  Then I looked out half hour later and it was a blizzard out there!!  Hug flakes!  I thought to my self there really is not other time to run this long run.  I have 2 Half marathons planned for the next 2 weekends and then I have to taper and then Fargo Marathon!!  Oh boy my head was just spinning.  So I called Julia I knew she would be leaving.  I did not want to cancel, just was not sure on her driving down in this bad weather.  So I called her and she still wanted to come so she drove slow and in crappy slushy snow the whole way down. She got here and she said only us only the die hards run in cap like this!!  For god sakes it’s a blizzard!!  The temps not as bad, but it was 19 mph winds again!!  We were not sure what to wear!!  So I bundled up and we headed out on our 20 miler!!  We started off with a little wind break cuz we were on the trail, it was muddy in spots and a little snow in spots but not bad, compared to what we thought it would be.  I started off feeling amazing!!  We kept saying it was not near as mad as we thought!  The first half went by so fast I could not believe it!!  We went 10 miles one way and turned around and headed back!!  I took a walk break at the mile markers for just a minute each time and then was able to run faster after each one, I found that really felt better on my leg and my pace was better!!  We talked and talked and before I knew it we only had 2 miles left.  We stayed so positive this time!!  She always does, I sometimes get a little negative, like I said I usually lose Miss positive at miler 14 or 15.  It’s so hard!!  Not this time.  this was the best Long run ever and it was with the best runner friend ever!!   She had been just a wonderful friend!!  I am going to enjoy every bit of time I have with Julia. She is an Intern and I am not sure how long she will be around here, I am just so blessed to have the time and the runs I get with her!!We did it in 03:30:40  I thought wow if I can do that same pace for another hour I will be able to run my Marathon in 4 hours and 38 minutes  I would be so happy with that!! I am so excited to run Fargo Marathon and be there with Julia! This long run put the confidence in my head even more than the last long run!! we have 2 Half marathons before Fargo and then a Taper week!!   I am in it for the Long run!!  I love to run!!

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay