My 4th Half marathon of 2013 ~ Get in Gear recap

iphone photos 119I was so excited for another race, as you know already, my goals for this year are pretty big but I am right on track with them and loving it more and more as the races go on!! I am going to run 13 half marathons in 2013, consecutive months if possible with an extra one or two. So far I have in 4 halfs in, one a month. I was super excited for this race and I was going to be doing it with Julia. We had just done our 2 long runs together and we talked about really putting it all out there for this race. I was ready for this mentally and physically. I knew that I would not be able to race with Julia the whole time. I got ready the night before and had kind of nervous feeling. The weather could not have been any more perfect. I got up that morning and it was going to be 75 for the race. I put on a tank top and sparkle skirt I was so happy to be in that after all these winter months of training!! My nerves we very high, they always are when I have to get my packet and figure out where I need to park, it is usually never the running part, but today since I was going for a PR im sure that is why I was so nervous too!! We got there with plenty of time and everything went smooth, I started to feel a lot better, really not nervous at all. I knew I had better get in line for the bathroom, which is always a terrible line. It’s usally in my head, but I had to go bad!! We waited in that line for a half an hour, then we headed to the start line!!iphone photos 101We Hugged and wished each other the best of Luck, Julia was also going for her PR as well.  We started out pretty fast , stayed together for a few miles, then she went off ahead!!  Everything was feeling so good for me, I had to think to myself is this real, I kept thinking the hills are coming and I just kept pushing through all of them.  A lot of the course was some that I have run for a few other races in Minneapolis, So I knew it was going to be hilly!!  I just kept pushing and pushing!!  I paces with a cute little girl with a green shirt and a purple heart, I just stayed close to her for miles!  SHe was right around a 9 min mile pace.  I knew that is where I had to be to Get my goal!! As I passed teh elite runners I just smiled and cheered for them!!  They are amazing runners!!  Then about the 5th elite girl runner pointed at me and then at the sky, It was so cool spread bald eagle, I tell ya they are always there when I am running and it it is the collest thing on earth and I tear up every time.  I thought that was so cool that she did that to me!!  Made my race!!   Mile 11 and 12 were tough hills, I just kept saying this challenge is tough, but it making you tougher!!  You have turned your can’t into cans!!  Believe in yourself, I am never too hard on my self so I knew I was not going to be mad or disappointed in me, I am so proud of how far I have got and with my whole back thing, I am just glad to be running!  So with that I was coming up around the corner and I knew then it there it was going to be close to my goal of 2 hours and 2 minutes.  Just under 2:03 is what I wanted and I did it!!  The tears were just rolling down my cheek!! My Goal was 2:02:50 and I Got a PR of 02:02:49 🙂iphone photos 116I never dreamed I could do this, but I do know that I have put my time in with no excuses ever this winter!!  No matter what I ran!!  I felt  sad for Julia, she did not feel well and came up short from her goal, when I saw her walking I knew something was wrong.  I knew that she would come back strong the next week and dominate!!  I could not believe that a month ago at Get lucky some of the same course and hill I ran a 02:15:51 and this race I out ran by 13 mins.  I am most Happy about that!!  Hard winter miles paid off for me and I am beyond Happy about this PR and this race!  Recap of the Big PR and SUB 2 in Lacrosse coming !!iphone photos 107

Just putting in my time mile after mile and its paying off 🙂

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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