My 10th Half Maratahon~ A Big PR and a Sub 2:00

iphone photos 269Wow is all I can say! This has been an amazing running journey, that I enjoyed the whole way. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done, yet love it so much!! It has its moments. Good days, bad days and in between days! I try to bring out the positive things even on bad run days, just to make it better, not trying to make it sound like its  perfect or like roses, that is just who I am !! I thrive on being happy and positive, cuz if you think negative you will act negative!!  I never dreamed 4 years ago I would ever run a Half marathon or a Full Marathon.  Now I have run 10 Half Marathons and 2 Full Marathons.  It bring tears to my eyes, that feeling you never thought you could do, you did and keep doing it!!  COURAGE.  Well the week before was a great Half marathon and I got a PR so I was so happy with that!!  This weeks Half marathon has a special place in my heart. I have done it the last 2 years as well and it was my first half Marathon spot.  this was the Half marathon I thought its time to step it up and try for a SuB 2.  That means anything under a 2 hour Half marathon.  I had the best feeling about my self, but I was very nervous.  My nerves are bad lately on race day!!  I think it’s because I have higher goals!! That morning I got up and headed to Lacrosse, Harmony was full of snow, as I kept driving the snow was disappearing , so that was a great feeling!! I could not believe we got snow on May 2nd.iphone photos 217  There was a chance of rain and the temps were going to be around 40 degrees for the race!!  I then met Julia there and we got our bibs on and loaded the buses to head up the Bluff.  The route had changes slightly from the last few years!!  i was excited to run down the bluff!!  We got to the top and it was so foggy.  It was very chilly so we held on to our stuff as long as we could.  She did tell me to shed a few layers earlier, I am so glad I have her to tell me that!! I never think I am going to warm up and I alway do!!   Of course we got in the line for the Lovely porty potty’s she made me laugh and said she prefers them!!  Then we got back in line!! She is really getting to know me and me needing to go to the bathroom all the time like my friends.  Its my nerves I know, but I really do go!!  So as we headed up the start, I could feel this was going to be a good race!!  We wished each other good luck and we were off!!  :)) Kinda of cool picture of the start with the Fog.  20130514-210741.jpgWe started off to a very fast pace, wowzers and it felt s good, cruising down the Bluff,  that 2 miles went by so fast and I was in the groove. I felt so good after 4 miles everything was feeling good, breathing was great, I was keeping an 8:55 pace and it was not that hard.  The temps were perfect for a run, I had to shed my gloves and neck gator.  Then I was comfortable.  Julia had run up ahead and I was praying for her to get her PR today!!  I never had the feeling to walk the whole entire run, I was so proud of that .  Not that I have a problem walking cuz I do when I need to. It was just nice that I never thought or wanted too.  At mile 8 & 9 I could feel myself slowing down some, so I stepped it up. There was a gal with a Pink hat that was running a 9:00 pace and I stuck with her for a while.  At mile 11 there was this little short guy that flew by me, I decided to catch him and run his pace right behind him and stick with him, I knew that is what I needed to do and I knew I had it in me.  So I did for almost a mile, I was so proud of that. I was running a 7:55 at mile 12.  At the point the tears were already coming down my cheeks and I knew I was in for the Sun 2 and a big PR.  I said listen lady you’re not done yet you still have a mile to go.  So I kicked it in and ran hard and came around the corner to the cobblestone walkway right along the water front, it was such a cool finish.  As I crossed over the finish line, the tears were just running down my cheeks I knew I had done it, it was the best feeling and what a push.  Again the winter miles, time, dedication,commitment, no excuses were all worth it right then and there!!   I got my beautiful medal to add to my collection of the the best Half  Marathon in my eyes!! 🙂photo

I found Julia at the Finish, she had tears of Joy in her eyes as well, She Got a PR and a Sun 1:50 I was so Happy and proud of both of us, this was the best day ever! We hugged tight, it was a great feeling.  We earned these PRs and were smiling from ear to ear!!  We then headed to our car and went and had lunch at one of our favs Panera!!  It was just what I need after that race!!  I was smiling and happy for days after this race, I truly had the Runner High and could not come down, I loved it!!  Soon I will be heading to Fargo For my Big 3rd MArathon, I can not believe it is so close, but I am more ready than I ever have and super excited to see what it brings!!iphone photos 243

So mile after mile, the PRs do some, it just take time, dedication and commitment, anyone can do this !! I am right on track with my goals of 13 official Half  marathons in 2013 and It feels great to accomplish them!!  More and more excited each month!!

iphone photos 249

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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