My 3rd Marathon and a Huge PR for me :)))

iphone photos 128Well I have had a few weeks to take in everything that my 3rd Marathon was to me!!  Pure Amazing!!  I am so Hooked on running I can’t begin to tell you what it has done for me.  Months back a friend Julia had mentioned her friend was going to be a Pacer for Fargo Marathon, I had also heard from my friend Trisha, (who I will be running Chicago with) that Fargo was a great marathon to run.  I then decided it was going to be my Next Marathon of 2013.  My 3rd marathon to date!!  It was going to be perfect because it was in May and my 4th Marathon would be in October.  Perfect amount of time between marathons.  I was so happy to sign up and at the same time thinking what are you doing??  I trained hard and have never been more ready for a race!  I met Julia and her Amazing friend Rachelle at her house and we were off on this great road trip t Fargo North Dakota!!  I was in the back seat just thinking how lucky I was to meet these great girls and to have this great experience. it was lots of running talk on the way up, it was great!!  Loved it.  We got to our room, starting laying out our outfits, I was not very nervous, just nervous about my foot and how it had been hurting on my last 2 long runs.  I told this to Rachelle and she said let me tie your laces different on your shoes, so she did.  I tried them out and could not believe the difference with just that!!  It was just to tight in the toe box and created a bruise that never had a chance to heal. Ugh.  So thankful for her and that tip. I also got to Meet Timothy, Julia’s Brother who was also running.  He is just a sweat heart, just like her.  Away we went to the Expo to pick up our race packets!!iphone photos 099 We got a lot of fun stuff and great shirt, we got cool Fargo loves Boston bracelets.  Then we headed back to the pacer table, where Rachelle was working.  Both Her and Julia said to me do you think you would ever want to run with a pacer, they said it would really help you.  Mind you My goal was to run a 4:45 marathon.  They said we think you can run better than a 4:45.  I just sat there and thought to myself I think I can too, but I was scared to say it!!  Numbers are number and I just want to run, but yet do a little better each time and it is just happening with all the time and commitment I have putting into to running.  They said we want you to meet Rachel she is the 4:20 pace, my mouth about dropped and then I thought well what about the 4:30 pacer.  I met her, she was so nice and she said just commit and sign here.  Oh boy, then and there I committed to it!!  In my mind I thought I will give it all I got and if I can’t i was not going to be upset at myself for not sticking with that pace!!  So we headed out of there and I had this great feeling again, like I am so ready for this race!!  We had a great supper with great friends and got back to our rooms, got everything ready and looked at the water.  Rain, rain was the forecast.  Ugh  We got to bed at a decent time.  at 3:00 am we woke up to the loudest thunder and lighting, I looked out the streets were full of water and it was down pouring.  Ugh I thought and said to Julia, lets just go back to bed!!  I can’t believe it but we did!!  We then got up at 5:00 got some breakfast, I was nervous but worse about what to wear, I do not like to be cold or wet on my arms.  We headed to the Race OMG my 3rd Marathon, this was crazy, but yet i was so excited..  What really, excited to run 26.2 miles but I knew I has put every bit of my time in, my family was a great support through it all.  They always are.  i got nice Text messages from them before the race, that made me tear right up.  I would have loved to have them there, but don’t expect them to drive all over to follow me, if they are busy!!  I decided to take my rain jacket as it was raining now.  Julia said you will not need it, she tells me that at every race you would think I would listen to her but now.  She is always right!!  I had it off and around my waist before the race!!  We were at the start we parted and each went to our pacers, I was so ready to get this race going. My heart was so touched by the messages from family and friends, wishing me luck, it always brings tears to my eyes.  Cuz I know sometimes my friends might get sick of hearing about me going to a another race, I know I race alot, but it’s for me nothing else, not trying to show off just for me!!  Thanks to the best of friend and family, you know who you are!!   We listened to a beautiful Star spangle banner, I tear up every time.  i was so emotional before this race even started so Darn proud of myself at that moment and new I would be proud of myself no matter what or the time!!  We were off, I had not really talked to the pacer yet, just thought I would listen to my music at first and get into a groove, so the first few miles went by so good, amazing!!  Bands along the way, school bands and a School Jazz bands.  The next miles were polka dancers.  All these bands put smiles right on my face. Just so cool, how people donate their time for running events, warms my heart!! So about mile 5 I decided to get involved in the pace group conversations.  It was great to talk and chat the miles went by really fast, still going so well I can’t believe it and I was still with the 4:20 pace group.  mile 13 was tougher for the fact that we had to run along a trail, elbow were hitting and for 2 miles, I was ready to get of that!!  Guess I better get used to that for Chicago. It was because they thought it was going to flood in Fargo, so they had t reroute in case. So we got through that and then it was much better. Until the sun came out and the Humidity set in. Wow that happened so fast 99% humidity, crazy how that felt, hard breathing. I pushed hard as we came upon water stop by mile 17 a runner tapped my should cuz I had my headphones on, I thought who knows me here. He said there is a man over in the crowd trying to get you attention. WOW I looked over there and saw Steve Roessler and His family. It brought so much Joy to me and smiles. So cool t see someone you know when I did not expect it!! Made my day!! Even thought it was Hot and I thought I was going to die. I was so glad he posted this on his face book cuz I was starting to lose my mind and wasn’t sure where i left the 4:20 pacer Well it was at mile 18. I was so proud of staying as long as I did. I know that if the heat and humidity would not have been a factor, I might have been able to stay with them, but no worries, i was so fine with it Cuz I knew I was doing way better than my other 2 marathons and just the fact that I was doing my 3rd Marathon that meant everything to me! The push, the fight, the pain, everything is worth it!! By mile 20 I wanted to die though,  I was drinking so much water running through every sprinkler. I could never get enough water in me. That is not me to get that wet either, I was not used to running in this humidity, just running in below zero for months!!  Mile 21 and 22 were very hard, I was walking a little longer through every water station. I knew I still had a great time, but I was started to crash for sure!!  I could not take anymore Gu without  gagging.  I knew I needed more energy but could not do it!!  As I’m running it started to get a little easier, I ran with a group pf girls that kept me going for that last few miles, On mile 25 my eyes filled with tears, I cried like a baby thinking I am almost there and I know I did way better and could just feel it too. I cried such happy tears, how running has been so great for me and brought me out of my comfort zone!!    I was beyond tired, but yet so happy. One of the hardest things I’ll ever do, but I keep going back for more!!  I had less than a mile to go now . The finish line was very cool, it was inside the Fargo Dome.  My thoughts were I can’t wait to get there and I know it will be much cooler when I get inside that building, so I kick it in and  ran really hard for a quarter of a mile, it felt so good as I cam around that corner and entered the Fargo Dome.  I was coming across the finish line all by self and I hear my name and the tears just roll down my cheek and I see this Amazing smile from a beautiful friend I met the day before I ran this run. iphone photos 157 Thank you Rachelle for being at the finish line, i can still see your smile and I tear up thinking about it!!  To think I met Julia online through Fitness web site and Rachelle is her best friend, now I met her through Julia, it’s all so amazing to me. I ‘m so blessed and lucky to have these friends!!  She was doing anything and everything for me, I just thought how do I even deserve this care!! I knew then and there that I has a huge PR but I did not know what!!  I got a PR of 27:48 I could not believe it!!  I ran my 3rd marathon in 4 hours and 33 minutes.  I was so happy i could not stand it!!  Even though it was a thought race in the end with the humidity. I knew I had pushed hard and worked hard for this!!   We took pictures and then found Julia, she was in the med tent, she had fallen down during the race and was getting treated for that!! I was so glad she was ok and to find out she also got a PR.  I was beyond happy to share this day with Julia and our PRs. She is the best runner friend ever and I am so glad I met her. iphone photos 167As we walked to the car I looked around and thought wow 5 hours we were at the start of a great marathon now its over and I am already thinking about signing up for another one, but yet on the run you want to die and you never ever want to do this crazy thing again!!  I am so happy that I have found so mush Joy in running.  I’m sorry if sometimes it might seem like All I do is run, I can hardly help it!  This is the time in my life that it is working for me, so as long as I am feeling great i am going to keep on running mile after mile!!   so after we got all ready we met Julius brother and his friends for supper and beers, they were the best tasting beers ever!!  We deserved them!!
iphone photos 178Julia and headed out right away int eh morning .  It was a trip and a marathon  I will never forget. I loved every bit of it and so glad to have spent that time with Julia and Rachelle, so grateful for my friend ships with these girls!!  So I guess it’s on to start training for CHICAGO MARATHON ~ I can hardly wait!!  :))iphone photos 171

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay Barnes


3 thoughts on “My 3rd Marathon and a Huge PR for me :)))

  1. Congrats on the PR!!!! That is huge! I noticed thay you indicated you are running marathon in October; I am running a marathon at the end of the month and in October as well. What training/running plan are you following?

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