My 12th Half Marathon bring tears to my eyes and ends with another PR :)

201So as you all know this has been a busy running and racing year so far for me!! I decided to go all out, why not as long as I was feeling this great!! I have loved every minute of it!!  I have had a race 10 weeks out of 12 weeks!!    I have done 1 Full marathon, 5 official Half Marathons, 2 Virtual Half Marathons and 3 5ks.  I Just love Races!! It gives you such a rush and you always push harder when you race!!  you go out of your comfort zone!!  The Med City Half marathon was one of my last Half marathons, it was in Rochester, It was a very tough Half, some hills, only 1 week after my Full Marathon in May, but I pushed through and got 02:08 so I was happy with that time, considering how hard it felt for me.  075 It was too close not to race!! Some would say its crazy, but I knew I was in shape for it. So another week went by and I decided I really wanted to Run My June race right of the bat, even though I had signed up for a Saturday 5k with a Friend, so I sprinted that in 24:58 on Saturday, which I never ever thought I was capable of running that fast ever!! It felt so good, but I am glad I am not a sprinter!!158 So then I  got up early and headed to the Cities on Sunday and was so feeling this Race!!  Some days you have that feeling and others days you don’t !!  You just go with it!!  Every day int he running world is different!!  This was a race I had only told a few people about, I just thought Id keep it to myself no certain reason, just did!!  So as I was at the start almost ready to run Why I decided to Check in on Facebook, but I did, must have been sent a sign!!  So Off I went!!  I felt so good the first mile very fast but comfortable!!  I started right behind the 9:00 min mile Pace group!!  As the miles passed I passed that group and was so feeling this race by mile 7!!  It was just smiling ear to ear, thinking  how different I am feeling from last weeks Med City Half!!  I just kept running with my heart and pushing at the same time!!  I got to mile 9 water station, was getting my Island boost out and getting a drink on the run!! I look over and My Best Guy Friend JP was running right beside, me I did not tell him I was going to be there!  He saw my check in and his Girlfriend was running the full marathon!!  I was in shock and yet it inspired me to Push hard, He said YOU GOT this LINDZ  I know you can do it!!  That was all I needed I bawled my eyes out for a Mile thinking how cool it was to see him and How nice it is to have a great friend that is always supporting me and then pushed hard to the end of this amazing Half marathon, I ran it in 01:55:54 ~ 8:50 pace. A Huge PR for me!!  This was a race i could of kept running and running, Something again, I never ever thought was possible and yet kept that pace for 13,1 miles. SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD AND SHE DID I cried so many tears at the finish line and it was just me and that was all I need to celebrate this happy time for me, was ME.   187This running is just for me, it had changed and made me a better person, better wife, better mother, teaches  me  to dig deeper, go out of my comfort zone, have courage and so much more.  i drove home and had the biggest smile on my face and thought Thank you running!!  🙂 This was my 12th Official Half Marathon and my 7th Half marathon of 2013 consecutive months!!  This has been the best goal ever and keeps me pushing and fit, O i am loving it!!  It is an amazing feeling being Half Marathon ready at any giving time!! I have had 4 Huge PR’s this spring and summer, as I said before those hard, cold winter miles sure did pay off!!   With That I am only Half Crazy and Loving it!!  :))

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay870


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