Amazing Half Marathon in the Pouring Rain ~ In Memory of April ~

iphone photos 100I did not even know this girl, I saw there was a Half Marathon in Albert Lea a while back when I was trying to figure out my running Half schedule!!  So I decided I was going to run this Half, we were not doing anything this weekend.  So a week before the race I checked out the web site and was totally taken in and touched by the Story.  I knew it was a race in Memory for a girl, but had no clue what happened!!iphone photos 012 ” April Sorensen, 27, was murdered in her home in Rochester, MN on April 17, 2007. As the search for her killer is on going we, April’s family, are asking others to remember her by running. April loved all kinds of sports especially volleyball and basketball –she was a prominent athlete during her high school days, while continuing them through college. April enjoyed running; she individually finished three marathons along with her dad and sister and also participated in relay marathons and numerous smaller races. April was enthusiastic about life and would always go the extra mile to be kind to everyone. She always had a contagious smile on her face and we can all still hear her little giggle. Not only do we, her family, suffer a great loss but also the communities April was a part of. April touched many lives in her short time here; she leaves a lasting memory with so many. ” If I was thinking about it, now  I was for sure running it.  Like I said I did not know her, but her story touch me!!  So I got up last Saturday, felt great not too early since Albert Lea was only an hour and 15 minutes away!!  It was so nice out, beautiful Sunrise and I knew right where I was going!!iphone photos 075 I got to the Hotel where Check in was and waited in my car since I was early, it was getting darker and darker, I could not believe it cuz I did no think it was going to rain what is so ever!!  So it started to sprinkle and then the hard rain came all with in a few minutes!!  Ugh I was thinking!  I did not have a rain coat or a Hat!! So I ran in quick thinking I was going to melt from this down pour!!  Went inside and got signed up and they had alot of stuff for sale, So I got a really Cool Hat. 004 also in there was a table of all of April’s memories, races, volleyball and basketball pictures, it brought a tear to my eye.  Right then and there I thought I am so happy to be running this race in her memory and to give another athlete a scholarship.  I also thought I can do this in the rain too!!!  Another thing running has helped me with,  I will not melt!!  They told us that it was lightning so bad and raining so hard they were going to delay until 8:00 and then go on with it if you wanted for sure then. I sat in the car and then headed to the Start line in the pouring rain, could not believe it!!  I have never ran in this hard of rain much less for 2 hours and 6 minutes!!  I have gone out in the rain for  a few miles but never have ran that far!!  It was so surreal feeling, your feet felt like they were an extra 20 pounds of water!!  you could not wipe anything cuz everything was wet!!  it poured rain and blew sideways super windy in the open areas crazy but the one good thing its I never got Hot!!  loved that part, I just kinda went numb, never had this feeling running before!! My hand and fingers were prunes, it was crazy!!    The first 9 miles I was doing great, I was so surprised with myself, then it was the windy open fields and it got to me, I was slowing down bit by bit, but I was totally OK with that because I knew how hard I was fighting for this.  At this time my goal was to run it in under 2 hours and 10 minutes.  So I pushed through the hard rain again at the end and was beyond happy with this race.  This was by far one of my most rewarding races yet in a different way.  They are not going to be PR races all the time and I know that!  So its best to pick out the good in each race and for that I did and ran 13.1 miles in the pouring rain and ran in memory of a Beautiful girl whose memory lives on ~  The finish line was great and I was so happy to have run in Memory of April !!  The most awesome Medals were giving out!!  Love this Bling!! iphone photos 098This was my 9th Half Marathon on 13 in 2013, I am feeling so good with my running, it feels so good to be half Marathon ready at all times!!  This was also my #31st race of 2013 Virtual and Official races!!  This is my year for running and I am going all out while I still can, its my Journey and you can join in at any time!!  One mile at a time and loving every bit of it!!  🙂

Next Race TOUGH MUDDER in 1 week pray for me, I am going to need it for this one, I will be quite Honest, I am very very nervous for this one!!  I think it might be tougher than a  Marathon ~ Wish me Luck  🙂  Of course i am going to have some Glitter on me, that will help me!!  MUD, SWEAT & GLITTER our team name!!  :)))

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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