Mud, Sweat and Glitter ~ Tough Mudder was Tough

iphone photos 126Hello everyone, I have been slacking in the writing department , but I guess I have been busy running and doing crazy things like this run!! This was back in July, tryin g to catch up!!    Wow tough, after I got done with this run I was sure I was never going to do that again, well time has passed and I am ready to do it again!!  LOL  Well a year ago I started to look up the Tough Mudder!!  HOLY CRAP were my first thoughts.  It is a 10-12 mile run, that scares people right away, but that part did not really scare me it was all the other things and obstacles that scared the crap out of me!!  So I thought about it, asked my sister if she would want to do it with me, she said she would love to but did not know if she was coming home this summer.  So I thought I would ask my Friend Julia to see if that was something she would be interested in doing!!  She was so excited to do it!!  We came up with a great Name, Mud, Sweat and Glitter.  It was perfect!!  Meanwhile trying to prepare for this race that was making me the most nervous I had been in a long time fr a race, even more nervous than my last marathon!!  My best Friend from High school JP had called and mentioned his girlfriend wanted to do this run as well, so She joined out team!!  We were so happy to have her join us!!  So it was us three!! We kept hearing we should have men on our team, but we went on with it, with out!!  So I made us shirts that turned out great!!   
iphone photos 056
I met Julia that Morning in Rochester and we headed to Somerset to Meet up with JP Ellen and her dad!!  I was so happy Jason was going to be there watching us and cheering us on and taking pictures!!  He was the best!!  I was beyond nervous by this point, thinking how am going to get enough COURAGE for this one!!  We went to the start and the first wall was tough to just get there and I am thinking OMG what have I signed up for!!  It is starting to rain now!!  Oh well we were going to be very muddy anyway!!  There was going to be 19 obstacles and 10-12 mile run up hills and in Mud!! Our very first one was the one that I was totally freaked out cuz we had to put our head under in Muddy Icy water!!  The Arctic Enema We made through that one and I thought I was going to freeze to death!!942715_10200785837721544_1968125745_n   We would run about a half mile or so and there would be another obstacle . So the nest scary one for me was the Pike Jump, It took me an hour to Jump off the cliff in Jamaica and I thought how am I going to get all the way up here and just go right away!!  Well I did it!!  The guys helped up over the wall and we helped each other!!  That would have been impossible without them!!  Jason and Ellen’s dad were great watching us wherever they could from spots!!996891_10200785822161155_2041933213_n969754_10200785825601241_1261958740_n  Jason had his big Golf umbrella and was missing a big Gold Tournament on TV I asked him if this was like watching Tiger woods and he said its way better, lol!!  Wow the running got very tough, I had told Julia a while back that i got the running part down it was the obstacles I was scared of!!  Oh my the run was so tough up hills and mud in the rain for 10 miles!!  We pushed through.1080630_10151747953124819_1876002524_n  One of the last ones where you had to run up fast to the top where is curves scared to death but some awesome string guy was there to help me!! The electric ones were not fun but doable   We were so proud and Happy to finished this race.  WOW that was tough, we got a beer at the finish line.  I was so happy to have done this race with Julia and Ellen, they are 2 strong girls and they pushed so hard, I never ever dreamed I was ever going to be a Tough Mudder but I am now and am sure I will do it again, I love a challenge that is why I signed up for this after the Warrior Dash!!  I love to push my self to do stuff I never thought was possible!!  We went to lunch after all together, it was great.  I was getting a little sad cuz I knew this was going to be one of my last races with Julia!!  This was a race I will never forget and I Have the orange headband to prove it LOL !  Next time hopefully my sister Abby can join me!!  Thanks to Julia, Ellen and Jason for being there!! The best part about this race it goes in the  Bonus Races for the year along with my 2 Marathons,  My other goal was to Run 13 OFFICIAL half marathons this year!! Doing it and loving it!  Will share in the next few blogs, nee to catch up!!



Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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