Gopher to Badger, my 15th Half Marathon :)

iphone photos 467Well as you know my goal was to run 13 Official Half in 2013 and then my goal also involved getting a Half in every Month of this year, I might not get December, not alot of races around, so we’ll see.  As we drove home from the Tough Mudder we drove through Still Water. It is so pretty there and I thought I had seen some kind of race there.  So I looked it up and talked to Julia and she said let’s do it, it would be the last race with her before she moved to Utah.  we got up early and headed to Stillwater.  the weather was perfect, a little chill to start and warmed up quite at bit!! iphone photos 449It was a beautiful run and hilly, gradual up hill.  It knew and could feel it was a push, but I kept pushing!  I am a big fan of Minnesota and Goldy, so I thought this would be a great race to run.  We started in Stillwater and Ended in WI. Great Race!!It It was along the water, through some trails, tried to take pictures along the way!!  iphone photos 443iphone photos 447iphone photos 458Well we didn’t get a PR but we had fun and at the end, I even came home with a door prize!!  We had a great Lunch on a patio after the run, it was great and walked around to a few shops, I enjoy the day so much.  It was our last race together, so that was sad.  I just look at now  How lucky I was to have the runs I got with her!!  We headed back home and now I had my #15 Half marathon on the books.  I love the places that my running has brought me.  I think about them on my daily runs. Also I got my 8th month in a row for a Half running this run!!  Feeling great and loving my goals and challenges, they push me everyday, keep putting in my miles and time and loving every bit of it!!

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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