Last Run with Julia, my amazing Runner Friend :(

22003_10151750367204819_2027135795_nHappy Thanksgiving to all of you!!  I am so thankful for everything in my life, feeling just Blessed today!!  Wow am I behind in the blog world, I have not written since August and the reason I write is for me and so I can look back at how my races went!!  I look back at them all the time, I was just in tears reading my blog on Fargo Marathon, so that is why I am going to catch up!!  Bare with me!!    So my next race was planned for the Rochester Half marathon, the night before the race we had a great going away dinner, I was thinking this really can’t be real, this girl came into my life , through the Daily Mile and we made a strong running and friend ship beyond bond!!  We didn’t even hardly know each other and She was the girl you felt like you had been best Friends since you were little.   It was a perfect dinner and setting!! Julia was going to run  the Half but had to finish packing and was not able to do it!!  So I ran it, it was a very tough day for me knowing she was going to be moving and I just wasn’t it in.  My legs hurt everything hurt.  I was coming around a corner and there she was, Julia, she came to help me finish the Half.  I really didn’t have much in left, but Was just glad she was there for me and that we were going to get one more run together!!  It was very hard to say good-by to her that day, tears just rolled down my cheeks. She is a great runner and friend to me and I am so Thankful for our time together!!  We still keep in contact and I can’t wait to meet up with her to run again!!  Hopefully we will be able to travel to a lot of marathon over our Lifetime!!

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay 1148829_213104805480520_738673602_n


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