Yay I won the TC 10 mile Race Entry ~

Well I am trying to catch up on my Recaps, because I myself love to look back at them so that is why I am doing this Blog!  Well back in the summer the deadline for the Lottery for  The TC mile was coming and I knew it would was going to be hard to fit it in, so I did not try to get in.  I really wanted to but I had to say no to something.  It was then in September and a friend sent me a Link from Kemps Cow.  She said I thought of you !!  You Dress up, be goofy, whatever and submit a picture to Kemps cow to WIN A FREE ENTRY  TO THE HARD TO GET INTO TC 10 MILE RACE!!iphone photos 042  Oh I saw this an I was for sure in!!  I love a CHALLENGE!!  So I thought about what i loved about Kemps cow and it was not hard to figure out what I was going to do!!  My favorite post drink in Kemps Chocolate Milk, I just love it after a run!!  So I got my outfit together and my milk and got my husband lined up to take some pictures and it was perfect the neighbors dairy cows we out so away we went over there after my 16 mile run which I really did have the milk after!!    iphone photos 040So it started out with this Picture, and Of course I had to put some touches on it!!  It was so much fun taking this and mt husband says I ‘m pretty sure your not going to win I’m sure there will be alot of entries!!  So then I cam up with this Photo!!iphone photos 051So I enter this and in a few days was the Contest!!  I was at work and the email came in!!  I WON THE CONTEST!!  KempsCows

Hi Lindsay Congrats!! You are the winner of the ticket. Thanks so much for your photo… it was really awesome!

 Also, we’d love to publish your picture on our wall. Lindsay Barnes the winner on the Medtronic 10 Mile Run ticket! Her entry photo left us smiling and speechless…  This made my day!!  It’s not all about Just Running to me, it’s about things like this that make ma Happy along the way!!  I was going to run the 10 mile race a week before full marathon  but I knew I could do it!!  I was beyond excited!! So the morning of the Race I head to the cities, my dad says to me, wow a few years back you would not even drive int eh cites now you have got up in the middle of the night many many time, not even knowing where I am going at all, just my smart phone and then run at least 10 miles or more, That is another thing running has done for me!!  It has given me the COURAGE to do things I never thought I could do!!  Thank you Running I can not thank you enough!!  :)) SO I got to the start and was ready to run this race!!  What an absolute perfect day for running a race, temps were. 50 degrees and not much wind !! It was the TC 10 mile and I felt great the whole race and I Got a PR :). So happy with my time! 9:03 pace, What a great feeling to boost me before Chicago 26.2 next weekend!! Love this race!! The Fans were so awesome at this Run  and water stations too!! 🙂  After I got done with this Race I was so happy to go drive to different sites to see a few people I knew Running the full Marathon. It made me so Happy to see these girls running and cheer them on.    I was Feeling so  happy after this! 🙂 thanks Kemps for the free entry to this race and thanks to Randi for letting me know about this or I would never have seen this entry!!  Shared Photo
I am for sure Running this Full Marathon in 2014 I can’t wait!!  :))  So with that untill next time miles after miles ~
Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay