My Amazing 13 in 13 Recap & ended with 20 Official Races for 2013

iphone photos 065Hello everyone, hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your families and are ready  to bring in the New Year!! I am beyond excited for 2014 for all what is in store 🙂  This 2013 has been an amazing year for my and running, by for my biggest year and the most bling earned from all my races!!  Last Fall there were a few girls that had Blogs that I followed had been announcing they were going to be putting this challenge on.  It was 13 races in  2013. You could run any Distance Official or Virtual Races.  So I decided to go for the big one, I wanted to do 13 Half Marathon and all Official 🙂  I wasn’t even sure at that time if I was going to be able to really do this or not, but I always knew I could do a virtual if I had to. My life is very busy with 3 different Jobs, following my 2 kids to all their sporting events which I love so much, I live for that and they are growing up way too fast.  So I was just going to go with this and I also at that point decided I wanted to run a Half Every month of the year!!  I knew this meant I was going to have to sacrifice a lot  of things, fewer parties, not going out late, getting up very early to get to most races that are 2 hours or more away. Training times miles after miles, but I know my kids are growing up and have stuff they want to do with out me, so I found this would be a great thing for me to do.   Most races are on Saturdays and Sundays so I knew that was going to be hard.  But I wanted to do this awesome challenge and I knew I was going to have to push hard in all aspects to make it work.  I did have to do My First NO SHOW at a Race because my daughter was going to be playing for the Sub Section finals in Volleyball and I would not miss anything of my kids for me to Run!  Through out this year I tried to write details about each and every race but I got a little lax at the end!!   So I was off, mile after mile, and I started out the year Strong!!

My First Half January of 2013 was the Polar Dash 02:16:03 It was -5 below and I froze but I finished and for that I was proud!!  DSCN7304

My 2nd Half  February was last-minute cuz the Lace up was canceled.  I got up early and headed to the Cities and ran the Half fast Half Marathon, it was an awesome race even if it was cold!!  02:07:39iphone photos 227

My 3rd Half Marathon March was Get Lucky, loved this race since I am Irish, it was another cold and windy day, but I pushed through and finished in 02:15:51.  I was very happy with that considering How slick it was that morning driving to the Race!! I also got to see a friend finish her first half marathon, Happy for her!iphone photos 992iphone photos 976

My 4th Half was Get in Gear April in the cities.  It was a beautiful day in April, could not believe how warm it got!  It was a great run with a Great Friend Julia, I was so happy I got a PR  02:0249

iphone photos 104 (2)iphone photos 101My 5th Half  May was one of my Favorite races in Lacrosse WI.  It will always have a special place in my heart.  My First Half was there.  It was a chilly damp morning, but I had a great feeling about this Race.  It was awesome and again with Julia, I got a PR I was beyond happy and a SUB 2 i never ever thought I was going to be able to do that!!  HOOT HOOT  01:58:27

iphone photos 236 My 6th Half  May Med City Half was one of the toughest half of the year.  I did it o week after my Fargo Marathon and it was so tough but I pushed hard and I was totally surprised with my time, I had even shut my Garmin off on this race. Not bad 02:08:27071

My 7th Half June Marathon was Minneapolis Half Marathon, I could not even believe i was going to run this race this was going to be my 6th race in row of weekend 2 weeks before a full marathon and week before a half and I am feeling this race, it was amazing like no other feeling and I did it again another PR and a SUB 2 again I was in tears, this was the greatest race of the year not just because it’s still my PR it was just glorious I ran with my heart and it proved to me I really am in love with running after being so tired from the races weeks before!!  :)) 01:55:54193

My 8th Half July Red white and Boom was in the Cities again, it was a hot day and this race started the earliest, so very early morning heading to the cities I was Happy with this race considering we were camping and having a little too much fun :)) 02:15:53771

My 9th Half Marathon July April Sorenson, Live Laugh Love and Run.  It was a  run i just wanted to do to get some miles in and I was free.  It was the first race that I ran 13 miles in Pouring race and thunderstorm and I did not melt Super awesome race and it taught me I can run int he rain and have done it lots since then!!  :)) I was beyond happy with my time considering the weather  02:06:51iphone photos 086

My 10th Half August Gopher to Badger Half in Still water MN to WI. I ran this Julia it was amazing and hard at eh same time the medal was awesome with a Goldy on it!  Was Happy to run this race with Julia, it was a beautiful race!!  02:07:17 iphone photos 463My 11th Half Marathon August Was Rochester half Marathon, this was my hardest half of the year, Just not sure what was wrong that day Julia came to Help me along and that didn’t even work.  Have to have a race like this sometimes and I was under 2:30 so I was happy.  Very tough run,  it was 02:24 :27iphone photos 138

My 12th Half August Womens Rock my 3rd half in August and one of my Favs I got to meet Run with Jess I was beyond Happy to meet her and she was all that I thought she was going to be plus more Pure awesome!! One of my First pages I followed and still my fav.  It was a great run not my best but I was Happy with running that many Halfs  in a row. I finished 1 second behind Jess that day   02:09:23

iphone photos 052My 13th half Marathon September, but it was Oktober Fest in Lacrosse WI I ran this with my great friend Kristi.  It was a tough run my leg was in a lot of pain that day but I pushed through glad I had her that day another race that says they are not all perfect!! 02:16:03 iphone photos 105So excited to get my 13 in 13 Medal 🙂  will mean alot, So with that my Journey still Continues Cuz I love a challenge, There was extra races and bonus races on the 13 in 13 So my goal now changes to 20 Official Races for the year and I will do it!! I did alot of smaller officiall races as well  Great Year 51 races total with official and Virutals :))

My 14th Half in October Mankato Half.  It was a chilly chilly day, I bundled up and was ready to fulfill my October half since that was my goal now and I had all my 13 Official half  It was a pretty run I was so happy the whole race.  Happy to be back at my old stomping ground.  This Half was a week after my Chicago Marathon (Recap coming for that soon) 02:11:12iphone photos 057My 15th Half November Rails to Trail in Norwalk WI. This was one of my favorite races of the year, it was running through a tunnel for a mile and Half it was a Joyous Run, my daughter and the team she was just on and just won the Sub sections and were going on to State Volleyball, I was just smiling from ear to ear the whole run to then get a text while I was running saying our girls got First seed at State Pure awesome.  The run was beautiful and I will be running this race again.  02:16:38

My  December Not Official but I had to run a Half every month and i could not find a half that was close enough for me and that worked out so I did December Virtual Cupcake run and that was a great Great PR Virtual run it was great but chilly!!02:08:55iphone photos 235My 16th Official Race was Tough Mudder what an awesome Experience with 2 amazing ladies, I wasn’t sure what I was getting my self into, but now I can’t wait to do another one.  I am a TOUGH MUDDER pretty darn proud of this one!!  02:45:00iphone photos 126My17th Race was TC 1o mile Race.  I won this race entry and It was a great race. i found out how great that race was and decided to run teh Full marathon next year. iphone photos 051My 18th Race 10 mile Turkey Trot with a great friend and her girls, it was pretty chilly but we warmed up and pushed through.  Angie had told me her goal was to not walk at all just run whatever speed just no stopping.  I thought to myself I can help her through this I hope, her furthest run was only 5 miles.  I knew I had to stay strong to help her finish and we did it!!  She did it I was so proud of her I can’t wait to run more with her great day and great race!!  01:50:23 iphone photos 189My 18th Race Fargo Full Marathon this was my 3rd Marathon and I ran this with these amazing Runner Friends,I will never forget this time and run together.   I still can’t believe I was running my 3rd Marathon Happy Happy happy and got a PR 04:33:01iphone photos 167My 20th Race of the Year the Biggest one of the YEAR  CHICAGO MARATHON.  I could not believe I got into this run much less run this with 45,000 people The recap coming soon.  This race was amazing, I  ran it with my heart it just proved once again My passion is so strong for running. I felt great this whole run, there were so many people I dodged them for 26 miles so I feel my time would have been better But I was very Happy another PR 04:32:03 and the fact that I have run 4 marathons. iphone photos 210

Well there it is, I  ever thought this would have ever been possible but with a lot of Determination, discipline, dedication, hope, passion I did it. Running has brought me so many new places in life, I saw a lot this last year and I will do it all over again plus more!!   I run for me no one else, not to prove anything  for me~  she believed she could and she did!! I am blessed to have the mos supportive Husband ever, he never says I can’t go race, he lets me do my thing and supports me the whole way Love you Brett.  I am inspired and Motivated daily by fitness pages on facebook.  I love to get out the door and push, my day is not complete with out it!! This has been a great Journey and I am so excited for the New Year and the Next Challenge 14 in 14 bring it on ~iphone photos 155

So  with that mile after mile thanks for the support in 2013

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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