GoodBy 2013, you made me Dig Deep, Cry, Laugh, smile, Live, But its time to move on to 2014 ~

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Do do you Make New Years Resolutions ?? I usually do something fitness or Exercise every year, its more like a goal though, I have lots of Goals in store for 2014 I am so excited to Kick them off!!  First Off My !sit Goal and Resolution is to start eating better and make it a habit!!  This was the same one I had last year and I did not seem to do very well and keep at it, so this year is going to be different!!  I AM GOING TO DO IT!!  :)So again with all that being said I am going to eat better, pick better Choices and Exercise daily again!!  I am going to run 14 Half in 2014 and I am going to run 2 more marathons :))

As I reflected back in my 13 in 13  it was all so great I loved every bit of it, even the tough times, I smiled, I cried on just about every run at least a tear.  Thinking about how far I have come!!  My most Joyous Runs were the Minneapolis Half a PR of 155:54 🙂  that make my heart Smile 🙂 My other favorites were running Fargo Marathon and Chicago Marathon, I know how hard I have to train and time I have to put in to run these kind of races and that make my heart smile too!!    I still can not believe I am a 4 time Marathoner and I Am Happy to say I will be running 2 more for sure this Next Year 2014 🙂 So last year I had a goal I wanted to Put on 2013 Miles total Biking Running Walking etc.  I Track everything on the Daily mile Although I do not put all my Walking miles on there, because i am a Waitress and I get in about 4 miles a day Just walking.  So I am sure that I made it But my totals that I logged on there were 1,850 I am beyond happy with that!!  Also just running miles were 1,555. I had moved my goal up to 1,800 this year, I fell short of that, oops I had to take a break in November and December. My legs were hurting and my body was calling for a rest, so that is what i did!  I am more ready than ever to Kick it in again!    I am hoping to move that number up this Next year with some hard work and dedication I can do it!    unnamed (1)

So Here are my goals My 14 Goals for 2014

14.  I am going to cook healthier meals for me and my family

13.  I am going to smile more and be Thankful for every little thing

12.  Wear a little Sparkle everyday, it makes me Smile

11. Volunteer more and help out my community

1o.  I am going to eat healthier and make it a habit

9. Spend more time with my Parents, camping  & Family Trip

8. Take in more of our Natural Beauty

7. Run Bike and walk 2014 mile this year

6. Make it  Happen & be  Happy

5. Set a few smaller goals every month

4. Keep on Keeping on not matter how busy life gets, its not always easy but make the best of it be Positive.

3.Train and Run 14 half Marathons in 2014

2.Train and run 2 marathons this year 2014

1. Spend Lots of time with my Kids and Husband and take in  all of 2014, Because it goes way to fast and my Son in Graduating this year 2014

1476253_660766270633439_823264513_n I hope each and every one of you has some goals set for yourself no matter what your interests are. Its alway great to have goals!! I am looking forward to what is in store for 2014!! Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year!! So glad to have this  Blog to Journal my Runs  and hopefully Inspire and motivating you all. Thank you all so very much for all your support, this Blog and my Facebook page make me so happy to share my passion and hopefully get someone one out running that never thought they could!!    Glitter Girl on the run is looking forward to bringing in the New year with yet another Freezing  Polar Dash them temps have me very nervous once again. My First official Half Marathon/14 miler  in 2014 . I am Super Excited to kick off the New year with this Run!!!!!! Happy New Year to you all and your families 🙂
NewYear2014Mile after Mile Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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