I had to Dig Deep for my 2nd Polar Award ~

iphone photos 151Well about a month ago, I was trying to decide if I was going to do the Challenge 14 in 14 again like the 13 in 13 I did.  I decided it really kept me focused and training hard and I will get all my miles in for my upcoming 2 marathons, I knew I needed to do this!! I will be running 14 half Marathons in 2014 when signing up for this I really want to make it Official races, but I really had to push hard to make it work last year, so if I have to do a Virtual I will.  I have been working on my race calendar and it is working out better than I thought.  The Races I want to do  are falling on days that I am free and nothing going on with my family.  Hoot Hoot!!  So I signed up and could not be happier that I did again!  I know it takes a lot of commitment and time, but that is what I want to do.  So that meant I really wanted to Kick off the New Year with the Polar Dash it is Normally a Half but since its 2014 they changed it to 14 miles.  I will still use it as my first official Half.   So I signed up and was very Nervous about the temps.  As it got closer the temps were not looking good at all. They had said that you could drop down to the 10k or 5k.  I was not going to do that again I came to run the Half so that is what i will do!!  I had been sick the week before this race, so I did think at one time should I back out, but sometimes with me a good workouts help me get better!! My mother had said maybe I should not race, i did think twice, but thought I need to do this.  The temps the day of the race were -7 below 0 and -22 with the wind chill,  real feel temps. That was So very cold.  So I had my clothes all laid out from the night before.  Looking them over I added a few.  I had 5 Long Sleeve compression shirts on 3 compression pants 2 pair of  Wool sock workout socks, which I love, Face mask that goes over my head, a hat, ear warmer and Big thick Gloves. iphone photos 016I also had the got a pair of Glitter Wings, thought maybe they would help me through this & hand and foot warmers. So that night we were invited to a New Years Party again this year, it was the same friends as last year. iphone photos 017 It was so much fun, friends were asking if I was running again and I said yes, I’m not going  to be able to stay very late. 😦   Parts of me wanted to stay all night and other parts of knew I wanted to be running in the morning.  My kids were both at different parties this year, so that made me feel better about not staying,  All though I did want to be with my Husband and great friends bringing in the New Year, I was ok with going home. My friends were all so sweet wishing me good Luck and hugs, it made me feel great, so lucky to have such great friends!! They also sent me Pudding shots to have after the race, LOL   As I got into my car to drive away that night, I had the same feeling I had the year before, I knew I made the right choice although I wish I could be 2 places at once I knew I wanted to be running in the morning.  I got home and went got to bed right away, was so thankful my outfit was all layed out!!  I was able to fall a sleep pretty good, even though the nerves were setting it!!   I got up that morning and was pretty nervous feeling again cuz of the weather.  My stomach was aching ugh.  I was very nervous to cuz my 4 wheel drive went out in my Tahoe and that meant I had to drive my Husband new Ford truck and its big.  I have just in the past 2 years able to drive in the big city, but not big trucks like this.  I did it !!  Thank you Running for giving me the Courage to drive the big truck in the cities.  I got the Race in Plenty of time, I like to park right down by the start, so doesn’t bother me that I am 2 hours early, I just stayed warm in the truck with the heater seat on and played on my phone, I drank water and took a few bathroom breaks up to the porta pottys it was so cold, I thought how am I going to do this!!  iphone photos 046So it was about 5 mins to the start so I headed over to the Start line, I was very nervous, but calm to cuz I knew what I had to do.  I had to RUN!!  It started off good, my hands were warm. last year they froze so bad so I wore hugs gloves/mitten this year!!  The temps were what they said, they were -7 below 0 and -22 with the wind chill,  real feel temps. ugh a little warmer last year and alot less wind last year.  I knew I was  in trouble at mile 3.  The first few miles went great, then I started to get cold already  A lot of people ran the 5k and 10k but not a lot of people ran the 14 miler.  This was my longest run this cold OMG it was so tough after 7 miles I knew it was not going to be good.  People ask if it was tougher than a Marathon, can’t really compare it to that,  the 2 so different.  It was a different hard.  The cold took everything out of me, being sick did not help, I was very low on energy. I Just pushed through.    It was fun to see all the fast runners cruising  by, So many frozen eyelashes and beards and facial hair, just frozen.  It’s hard to believe we can run in this, but you can do anything you put your mind too.1528545_585693344817409_1306833386_nThis is a picture of one, I was so mad my phone died with it being so cold, so I could not get a picture of my face that day.  Because by the time I got my phone charged up my face had melted off, but I could feel it was full, it such a cool weird feeling that I don’t mind at all, I actually love it and its refreshing for a shorter time, for 14 miles that is tough.  Here is what I looked like that week before on a training run!! iphone photos 017 I did have a few breakdowns where it was just so hard I just cried, I wanted to be done, I was frozen from head to toe!! I wanted Brett to pick me up, I thought didn’t I say last year that I never wanted to do this run in this weather. Last year it was -5 and only -12 real feel.  This year it was alot colder to me.  I just kept pushing, digging deeper and deeper for the strength to get me through this, I thought of my favorite word COURAGE to start COURAGE to Finish…….  I was running along and saw the same little girl I saw last year, it brought the biggest smile to my face here she is again now an 8th grader, doing it again, in this bitter cold.  I thought if she can do this, so can I  and I said its time to finish string! I was almost to the 13.1 mark and I knew it was not going to be a good time, but at that point I just wanted to finish, my time for 13.1 was 02:28:04 This was my longest time for a Half, but the coldest and Hardest !!  I was just happy it was under 2:30 .  Around that time the 5k had started and it was the best thing that could have happened at that point, it got me through that last mile that I did not want to do.  It gave me a rush to hear all the people yelling great job to us 14 milers, they said I don;t know how you do it, at that point I wants sure how I was doing it, but it was so nice to see all the smiling people out for a 3 mile run!!  I could see the finish and the tears filled my eyed once again. I love it that you never know when they are going to come and the more you run the less they come.  The tears come when you have pushed yourself past something you have never done, they come when you have dug so deep and finished!! I crossed the line just Frozen but with the biggest smile and frozen tears on my cheek.  I was so happy to be done. iphone photos 070 I got a cup of Hot Chocolate and a goody bag and headed to the truck, which I was so happy it was nice and close, it pays to come early!!  I just sat there is the truck for about an hour just thawing out, I was definitely out of it at the end of the race.  I was just shaking .  I finally got warm after an hour and then was able to head home.  It was hard to comprehend what I just did and to have to get out in the cold turned my stomach.  It was so nice to get home and take a hot bath, no need for an Ice bath today lol.  I know there are some people who say wow she is crazy to run in weather like this.  I know my body and I am a seasoned runner, I am trained and can and do run in all types of weather.  I would not do something like this if I was not ready!  I have taken care of my body and have stayed pretty injury free.  So so thankful for that!! It took me a week to run outside after this race, the thought of putting on my compression made my stomach still turn, but after that I got out and it was pure awesome, love running outside and free.   I am so glad that I went through with this race, it taught me alot about myself, it was fun, joyous, tough, took all the strength I had, but I am a positive person and I try to find the happy things about it even if it wasn’t the most positive situation.   Why be negative when you can be happy, being happy is contagious.  I know everything in life is not always grand and I am not always happy but I sure try to think happy thoughts to get me through So with all that said.  We all won the polar award again for an even colder race than last year.  My husband says are you doing this again, I said you know me by now, I’m sure I will. :))  So mile after mile I am in training for 2 Half marathons in February and I am so excited for them!  :))  iphone photos 078

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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