SICK OF WINTER ~ Tough Winter Miles

iphone photos 039Hello everyone its been a month since I have written. I hope you have been staying warm this chilly Winter.  I thought about what I was going to write about on my cold tough winter run today!! As I thought back to last year.  I thought that was a tough year for winter running, but I pushed through it all.  Last year was nothing compared to this year where we live.  Its been warmer in Alaska Ugh.  I went my longest non outside running streak 10 days ugh and I did not like it one bit!!  :(( It was making me more grumpy by the day!! Then I finally got out for 5 miler and I was smiling from ear to ear!! I am very Thankful that I have a treadmill for 3 and 4 miles I can do that and I like it, but for anything more than that I need to do it outside.  I don’t feel like I work as hard on  the treadmill as I do outside!  The winds have been crazy and the Temperatures and wind chills have just been awful. I dug deep and ran that 14 mile Polar Dash in -22 real feel temps and that took everything I had !!Its been tough running in anything less temps than that!!  It took me a week to go back outside to run after that race.  My stomach turned even thinking about it!!  Then after week,  I was ready to go, just never great temps.  We have had a some warmer day so I give it all I got on those days to get in some good runs!!  I run along a highway in the country and the winds are just crazy out there even when its light wind its seems I still have high wind there!! iphone photos 134 I guess I am lucky I can get out the days I can, Thankful for that!! The cold Never Bothered me anyway, yah right :))   I have been getting miles in on the treadmill, not high miles or anything.  Something is better than nothing.  I have been doing other fitness stuff as well.  The Bikini Body mommy is a great workout!!  Jillian 30 day shred or with weights and T25.  So glad I can  get these workouts in.  I hope to get back to Boot camp, sports make it difficult, But my kids are my main priority and I would not miss their sports for anything!!  So I have a Half Marathon the Weekend in Rochester, MN   Lace up for Breast Cancer!!  I am hoping & praying for warmer weather.  The temp is looking very cold again Real feel at -20 below 0.  I am scared just thinking of that and I know how hard the last race in those temps was.  I have to Dig deep and find the Courage, just  sometimes its hard!!  This winter I have been busy watching my son who is a senior wrestle.  He has had an amazing year and makes me so proud, he has improved so much from last year!!  Its been sad for me though.  I’m not ready for all this to be over.  I do know that I am excited for him to move on to the next stage in life, it only gets better!!  I have also been busy watching my daughter play basketball.  That has been great too.  So busy busy but fun!  So everyday I pray for warmer weather so that I can get out there and put some more miles in and feel confident.  Winter running is a little tough on that!!  Sometimes I feel like I am not at my normal pace at all.  Then I think of that crazy wind that I am running against and then I think yes PRs are made in the Winter!!  Its is all paying off I know.  I just have to be confident in that!!  So today I ran 8 miles, was really needing a longer run!! What a tough Run the weather was very deceiving, Very Windy.iphone photos 434 I did dress 1 less layer I guess I should not of done that!! I had to dig very deep for this!! Felt like I was hardly moving, legs were so cold. It was brutal out there, I run in the wide open country but when I checked the wind it didn’t seem bad!! I thought my hands were going to fall off , so I turned around went another mike then I thought I can’t cuz my hubby was picking me up!! My phone went dead too, needless to say I got my 8 miles in and thank goodness for my friend Jackie cane driving along the road I flagged her down for a ride, I was so cold!! Thank you so much Jackie you saved me. The best part I get I to her car and her little boy said did you go in the Ditch I was laughing, no  I said on that crazy runner girl  It’s the first time in 4 1/2 years that I asked for a ride while on my runs!! Glad I got that run done!!  GLITTER GIRL ON THE RUN IS SICK OF WINTER AND SO IS EVERYONE ElSE .  I hope it warms up soon.  Its making my decision to run a Full Marathon in April very tough.  I’m not sure I can be ready for that!! I will be deciding after this weekend!!  I am signed up for the Twins Cities Medtronic Full Marathon and I am so excited to Run that.  I am also hoping to Run Utah Valley Marathon this June, if it all works out!! I was so glad to have some goals in place.  I took a few months off and just ran alot less, hoping to heal my leg and rest my back I feel it helps!!  Injury free all the way.  I am so thankful again for being able to run with this back I have!!  I thank the lord everyday!!  .  So I am going to keep putting in the miles, being thankful for the days i do get to run outside. Think Positive, it will be Spring before we know it!!   Miles after miles, one foot in front of the other, giving it all I got and loving the Journey along the way!!     Remember its all about the Journey not just the Race!!

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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