Running, Life, Marathon Decisions and Half Recap :)

Hello there how is everyone, Its been a month, you would think I would have more time to blog since I have had the winter off but I guess I seem to keep very busy!! I am going to try to get on her more, I love looking at all my previous posts, it motivates me again every time I look back!! That is why I Blog.    I have enjoyed my time off so much, it has allowed me to take in everything for my kids, being there for everything for them and their busy winter sport schedule and allow time for running more!!  I have 2 kids  Boy and Girl both on Varsity sports and We are trying to make it to everything without missing a thing!!   Its been a tough year as far as being down a little bit more for me.  Winter is not helping, since its been so long  I am usually pretty happy and upbeat, but I am having a hard time with the thought  of my son graduating and the lasts of my son of his Senior year. IMG_1015The thoughts just make me cry like a baby!!   The time has gone by so fast I can’t believe it and this year is going the fastest!!  A lot of people warned me of that and they are right!!  I have been told many times to think of the future and all the things that are going to come and he will continue to make us proud, but when he wrestled his last match of his career it was pretty hard.  Wrestling has been our life for the last 12 years in the winter. My daughter had a great year in Basketball this year as well. So proud to be a Fillmore Central Falcon.iphone photos 586 So between all this I have been getting my runs in and  they have been tough. This winter has been the worst, cold winds, snow, Ice putting me on the  treadmill more than I want to.  I have pushed it outside some.  It just feel so much better to be outside but its pretty hard to run in the negative temps!  It’s much tougher to run outside. As you know I signed up for the 14 in 14 14 half marathons in 2014 and I could not be more happy to have 3 half marathons in for the year!! It as been a little tough on me as well as I gained some weight this winter ugh. Not happy about it but going to take care of it !! A lot harder to run with extra  pounds ,not fun. Not having a pitty party just time to work my butt off. I have been getting close to 30 miles or more a week for running for the last few months, so I am proud of that. Miles matter they just keep adding up. I am so exciting for the race season, it just gets me even more excited about running, I don’t need a race to get me out there that is what all the training is for! It’s just the icing on the cake!!  I thought I had made a big decision this year as far as my Running.  The last few years I have run 2 marathons a year.  This year I thought my 5th marathon was going to be in April.  I am signed up and everything and now I am not sure I am going to do it. My daughter plays off-season volleyball and she has a tournament that day she was moved up to the top team and that tournament I’ll be all the older girls lady tourney fir JO. I Don’t want to miss that to run. So I am pretty sure I have  decided to just not run it and my money will go for shoes for kids that makes me very happy. My next plans are to run Utah Valley Marathon and go visit Julia in Utah in June.  That Marathon scares me a little cuz of the elevation, but she says I can do it!! The Utah Valley Marathon just happens to be on the top 10 marathons this year!!  How cool is that!!  The last but not least the First one I signed up for this year is the Twin Cities Marathon.  I can not wait to run this super excited. Last year cheering people on there and seeing the crowd her, made my decision fast about running this one.
So as of now I am running 2 marathons this year you never know what might happen this Summer though, plans could change.  I could not be more happy to be training for 2 and I am hoping to run with some  new running buddies this summer.  I have to see how my body is doing. My 2nd half marathon was pretty good in February. My daughter had a volleyball tourney in the cities so I decided a run in the morning, it worked out great before she started. I was feeling pretty good that morning and ready to run.  I ran this race last year and really enjoyed it!! I ran it in 02:14. .  I was very happy with that considering I had 4 layers of compression on. It was 8 degrees real feel a lot lower than that and very windy
I pushed thought and the sun was shining made my day to run it !! I am excited for a few runs coming up, I have a 5 miler and a Half Marathon in April, so as for now I will keep at it running mile after mile!!

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay20140324-144656.jpg