Yay ~ I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador :)

I am very excited to say that I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!! Girls Gone Sporty is an amazing group of women that motivate and encourage one another to get fit and make healthy lifestyle changes. They are from different states, all fitness levels who promote active healthy living. This is a pretty awesome community! Check out these amazing women, like me who trying to Help motivate and Inspire others along their journey to being Healthy and Fit For life! I have such a strong passion for Running and exercise I just love to do it and share about it so much . http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/ Here is also the Link to the Minnesota Girls, there is not that many so I am happy to be one of them!! http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/ambassadors/?meta_ambassador_state=minnesota&meta_ambassador_country=united_states&wpas=1

                                                                                          Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge
 As an ambassador this is what is expected from me: Our Ambassadors form a network of sporty women who band together to focus on positive health. Studies have shown two things: 1) healthy living is contagious, and 2) healthy living is not just about weight loss. While we recognize that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is important, weight and appearance are not cornerstones of our belief system, and we want to encourage women everywhere to embrace whole health and an attitude of adventure – body, mind, spirit and lifestyle – right where they are now.
So excited and honored to be involved in this amazing group!!


It was a great day today, lots going on!!  I was also given a Caricature from the site I ❤ to Run I gave them a picture and they did a Picture for me for Free, I had submitted a picture of my Spray paint on snow they loved it so much they emailed me and said they were going to send me a calendar and do this for me, how cool was that!!   So fun and awesome it made my day!!  So excited to be part of this running page!!  :))  CollageSo this makes me want to run in my skirt and tank top I just have to wait 5 more day till I am in Sunny california, where I will be doing my long run!!  Hoot Hoot Cant wait!!  I’ll go to sleep with a happy heart big smile on my face tonight 🙂  and keeping plugging away mile after mile!!  :))
Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Yay ~ I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador :)

    • I am so sorry I did not see this, It took awhile and I even thing I had to email her to make sure they got it and I think they might have lost my first one, but then it was quick after that. You might want to check on it if you have not heard my now!! Thanks so much for following :))

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