Training & Planning my trip to Utah ~ Utah Valley Marathon 26.2

iphone photos 101I was super excited the other morning to talk to my great Runner Friend Julia, it made my day, she always lifts my spirits :)) She also invited me into a group Read text group to talk about  the book, I am so excited for that. I have never been a very good reader, but this book sounds amazing.  more about that later.   So I  will going  out to Utah the 12th of June and running the Utah Valley Marathon on June 14th.  It is one of the top 10 Marathons of this year~  images (8)1966673_10152002954332887_1534462711_n

This marathon looks just beautiful, breath taking.  Julia has ran it before and says it amazing!!  She has lots of friends that I am so excited to meet  and run with and her friend Rachelle that is just a sweetheart like her who I ran and met when we ran Fargo marathon. I am excited to visit this area since I love Southern California so much, I am sure I will love it out there as well.   I am so blessed to have met Julia !!  I am missing her a lot this year, we had ran so many races together last year and she kept me strong on  long runs last year.   just love the running world and what it has done for me and who all I have met through running and social media.  So thankful for all the pages and people that inspire me everyday and motivate me to stay strong on days I feel like I can run a marathon again.   I have the always trained using the Hal Higdon Marathon Training and it has always worked great for me.  I change the days if I need to to fit my busy schedule and for the most part I have stayed injury free.  Last year I finally got the iphone so I was able to get the App for my Phone for Hal Higdon plans.  I was so excited , it is so awesome and gives you plan for every day 18 weeks training plan.  also with this, if I need to change a day it works out fine for me.  It really is all about getting miles in throughout  the week.  I have been great about getting my miles in and I am up to 30-35 miles a week. 1458689_240607632730237_811888879_n This next week it will be stepping it up some for my longer runs.  I usually make a plan in my head or on paper and try my hardest to stick to it, sometimes it doesn’t always work out and life gets in the way or just plain tired, but for the most part I am pretty strict about it.  Now if I could just be as strict about my eating that would be great!!  Its all a battle but I will get there!!   So today I get up to the the face book just flooded,

The real story behind this photo is not that tutus are a “lame” fad. Despite what SELF Magazine published, it is not that “people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster.”

The real story behind this photo is that Tara and Monika, pictured here, are board members for Girls on the Run San Diego. They founded Glam Runner, a business that sells running tutus, to raise funds for the council. They are dedicated to helping grow the program in their community. The real story behind this photo is that the awesome duo were running the LA Marathon while Monika was receiving chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer.

One of our core values is to stand up for yourself and others, so we are standing up for Tara and Monika, as well as every other runner who has finished a race feeling awesome in a tutu. So today I ran for Monika and her rights and to stay strong for her and to prove that it is ok to run in TUTU.  I love running in my tutus and skirts they always make me smile when I see them on people. #rockthetutu #tutustrong #tutusrock IMG_773710150633_240762612714739_1869544785_n
My goals are to make a plan and stick to them and keep on keeping like I do, so with that I will keep plugging away mile after mile running on my way to Utah :))

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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