Long 16 mile Run and Fools Five RAce day ~

046Well I have been in Full swing putting on the miles after miles.  So happy with this week!  I have put on 52 miles, my best week ever is 55 so very close :)) Just writing that makes me tired.  One of the best parts of this week, trying to relax better into my runs and just lose myself and if I think that and say that to myself, it has really worked.  Another thing this week all the runs went really good, nothing major hurt at all, just little things that went away after a while.  A sign to myself that I am getting Stronger and I do feel stronger.  Yesterday I had a long run on the agenda for the day, I woke up so ready for this long run, I had this happy feeling, cuz this was going to be the longest I have run again since last October running Chicago marathon.  It’s that feeling that you know you’re going to have to push hard, but them you get that Runners High and it was a beautiful day.  I was so excited to be able to get this run in and outside and sun  🙂  Just perfect!! My hubby was so funny in the morning, when I told him my plan, he said are you sure you’re ready for that!!  I looked at him and said yes I am ready, but I always have him on call for my runs so if something goes wrong while running he can come and pick me up! he’s such a  great hubby, I asked him if he wanted to be my running coach Ha ha Just kidding he does not run at all.   I headed out on my run 16 miles ahead of me.  I ran the first 8 strong all the way to town, relaxed into my run right away, it was just so great, I could not believe how great it really was going.  I was 9:30 pace at that time.  I brought a little water with,  I was so glad I did that.  I was so thirsty.    I took my Island boost.  I then got to town and turned around it was then pretty windy in my face. Ugh I was not thrilled about that but knew I was going to get an extra workout, instead of getting upset I embrace it. So I headed back, I took a few walk breaks on the way back and just slowed it down a little, I was so thirsty but I had drunk all my water all ready.  I still had 5 mile to go. I made it without any more water and survived.  I got to mile 14 and it was tough, my legs were very tired.  But I pushed through and dug deep again and finished with a big smile on my face!!  So happy with this run it gave me the confidence I needed right now!!  It amazes me how something so hard can be so relaxing, yet so take everything out of you and you love it even more when you have runs like this!!  They are not all like this, so when you get a good one you Run with it!  :))  This winter was tough it was hard to get a good one so hoping Spring is here to stay.  So I rested up took an Ice bath after my run.  I stretched really well after and then it was time to get ready for my Birthday outing.  I was so excited to go out and see all my wonderful best friends!! We had a great night out, it was so much fun, the girls all got me such nice gifts, so lucky of have the bestest of friends I knew I had a great Race the next day The Fools Five race for Cancer in Lewiston MN.  So I decide its ok to have a few beer well a few turned into a few more, at this time I did not want to call it a night early.  Well needless to say I paid for it in the morning.   I did not feel the best this morning when I got up, my tummy was not feeling the best and I was so sore from running the 16 miler yesterday. I was not going to let that take me down, I got up got moving had to work at our hometown Volleyball Tournament for a few hours before I headed to the Race, that was good.    I got all ready for the race and headed to Lewiston, it was about an hour drive. I got there is was a beautiful day, it was very windy, but again I was so glad it was outside running I have been waiting for days like this for so long!!  I got my race bib and sat in my car while I waited.091  I met up with a few friend I knew who were also running it!!  It was nice to see them!!  It was race time and I was not feeling the best  but I thought I’ll just give it all I got.  I started out breathing was not good, I told myself to just relax again and it worked I settled in and slowed it down.  Was feeling pretty good, but it was crazy windy I just could not wait to turn around on the last leg cuz the wind would be at my back.  It was about mile 3 and up behind me a sweet friend I played sports with in Highschool, I talk to hear  a little at the beginning of the race.  we started chatting and it was going good, pretty hard for me at that point and if I had not been with her I prolly would’ve stopped a couple of times but she pushed me out of my comfort zone and We finished so strong I ran it in 48:09 I was so happy considering all what I had going on and I was so happy with myself for sticking to what I set out to do this weekend, even had some obstacles and still finished.  I was also so proud for a great friend Tyler For finishing this race so strong.  What a great week I hope I can have another week of great runs like this one!  52 miles make me smile 🙂  So with that I for sure have getting the miles in and I will keep plugging away at it, trying harder and harder on the eating part, I need to stay focused.  That along with lots of miles & eating healthy is my goal of the week.107

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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