Did I Just Run in a Tank top and Now its snowing!!

Hello Everyone, It was a pretty darn good week of Running and training.  The eating part was really good all week from Monday Friday and then I went away for the weekend ugh, I was not good on Saturday and today I was not good either, ugh is right.  Time to get on track and stay on track no more weekends away for a while so that is good for eating healthier for me.   I tend to stay on track at home better!! I feel like a weekend away is like a free pass.  I need to stop doing that and take charge of that, but I’m just so happy to be out with friends and not cooking I just order whatever I want!!  My goal this week is to have a good week all week even on easter, I can do this!!  As far as running, very happy with my runs, I was so happy that this schedule called for fewer miles this week and a longer run in  the middle of the week.  Absolutely perfect for this week since I had a busy weekend with my Daughter and her volleyball and my son just got home from his Class trip!!   I was absolutely giddy this week I finally got to get back out to one of my favorite spots to Run.  My run Happy Spot, this is a picture of it Last Summer so lush and Green Just love it!!  148709_10150938774859819_1214581366_nSo here is a Picture of what it looks like now, which I love too, cuz I get to watch everything grow up to be this and it’s so awesome!!iphone photos 101

I was just in my glory, I could not wait to get off work to go out there to run, it was 60 degrees our first day it has been this warm, it was Very windy though so I knew down on the trail it would be a lot less windy, it was great I was in a tank top and could not be happy you can tell by my face pure happiness,  all was right in the world!!  Just free on this trail, run went really good, taking one mile at a time and really focusing on that. iphone photos 064So I was in a tank top and my sparkle skirt and I was a littlee sweaty and it felt so great, but not too hot just perfect for running. I got 7 miles in the first run out there.   I don’t always get down to the trail as much as I would like to cuz it gets so busy and it take 15 mins to get there and 15 to get back home, so sometimes its hard to fit into the schedule.  I am going to try harder to fit it in though, make time for it, just like everything else.  If its important to do it you will find a way.  Sometimes I just think it might be easier to jump on the treadmill, but i love the beauty of the outdoor and I push so much harder outside.   It’s just so peaceful, you can let everything go.  Run in that moment and just be free and be yourself!!  I talk to birds and squirrels and I just love it!! iphone photos 071So the next day was going to be another nice day and I had a 13.1 miler to do and it was a little cooler like 54 degree and it was windy again.  So I went back down to the trail and ran my Half marathon and used it as my Virtual Unleash my inner Wonder Women.  I love Wonder Women always have so I for sure had to have this medal.  It was a great run and I got to wear my wonder women stuff!!  It was great and my medal had Glitter on it as well~ PERFECT!!  I was very happy with this Half I pushed hard on my owe and did not back down. My goal was to finish under 2 hours and 10 minutes.  I did it in 2:09:10  which was pretty cool.  I have 2 kids and ones birthday is on the 9th and one on the 10th 2:09:10.  I was thrilled to be in a tank top and skirt again and I was skipping to the car and what fly over but Mr bald eagle, He made my day.  I had been wondering where he had been, so glad he came to say Hi to me before I Left.  I also saw Mr. Bluejay.  Love seeing those birds down there!!   iphone photos 115 On this run I also thought about my son graduating and Wondering how he was doing on his 10 day class trip, I was missing him pretty bad by this day 6 but I knew he was having the best time though, so that made me happy.  I was very happy to get home tonight and see him.   He shared a little with me, I am hoping to get more stories out of him.  I was one Happy Mom to have my whole family back together again tonight and just cherish the times we are all together I do know that there are not going to be as many of them times left.  I have a full week of miles and training I got more workouts in this last week and hope to get more workouts in this week as well as runs, So happy I’m home this weekend!  So with that I took a  day off and rested my legs today just what my body was needing and I am ready to run again tomorrow!!  Mile after mile, training after training on my way to Utah and Twin Cities Marathons even if its snowing out again, The snow is not going to stop this Glitter Girl  🙂

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay




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