Marathon Monday and My Training :)

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Easter, I sure did!! The Easter Bunny left me the best Chocolate Bunny ever!!  :))iphone photos 135 I got to spend the day with my family and then Golfing with my family in the afternoon ~ Great Day!! 🙂 iphone photos 190 It’s marathon Monday today a great Day to be in Boston.  The 118th Boston Marathon is going on right now!!  I could hardly wait to get up this morning to run and watch the broadcast all day.  I first ran 5 miles this morning in town today!!  It was misting on and off, but  felt kinda good, cuz I was dress too warm and was pretty hot.  The breeze felt good too!!  I ran for Boston on the 15th and today 🙂  When I first started running  I never even thought Boston was going to be possible.  I really never wanted to run it.  I was just running for fitness.  but now running has changed my life, I can’t go without it!! I don’t know when but If  I Believe in Myself I Know I can try to do this, I just have to commit to training a lot harder and a lot faster and maybe it’s not for me, but I think I have to give it a try!! Now that I have been running more and more each year I want to go there more and more! than ever.! Time will tell  ~ We all run as one in Boston 10302121_603164666440780_8318599120987274658_nI am so excited to be home today glued in front of the TV, working on my Sons Graduation Invites 🙂  I am a big Fan of Shalane Flanagan and I hope she can pull of the Win.  That would be so awesome for her!! She’s leading the race now!!  She has now fell way behind, my heart is heavy for her, I think she started out way too fast.  That is too bad cuz she has trained so hard for this and wanted it so bad.   Meb is leading the Men and has a pretty good lead.  The crowd will just go crazy if he wins this.  Its has been since 1985 since an American has won Boston 🙂  Go MEb Go!!  iphone photos 214

So back to my training this last week I was very happy with my Miles again this week.  I got in 43 miles this week all my runs and a great long Run.  I headed out to one of my favorite spots My RUN HAPPY spot!!  It was very windy but the valley protected me at some point. I was bummed my first long run and I forgot my Garmin, I love my Garmin, usually never run without it.  I have 3 so you would think I would remember one of them.  They are the best way to track you run pretty true.  So I put on an app that my sister uses.  I liked it but I knew I was not running the pace it said  I was and the mileage was a little off.  I knew what time I left and I knew the mile markers so I was going by that!!  I had to take one layer off, but then I was comfortable.  I ran really really strong the first half.  As I got to the 15 mile I was hurting pretty bad.  My leg and hip were so tight.  I pushed through, it was not easy but I did it!!  One foot in front of the other good times and in bad times.iphone photos 133  I was so happy to have that Run in and the best part of the Run, I found my friends Mr. Bald Eagles nest.  I saw him fly out of it,  I was in awe and smiling from ear to ear to know where his nest was.  I love seeing him down there Just makes my day!! I was Happy to have my long run in for the day since I knew the rain was coming.  I ran the Jelly Bean Races this week to Very Fun.  iphone photos 036I ran the 10K and the 5K .  The 5k I ran in the Pouring Rain, It was pretty warm out though so it did not bother me and I had a Hat on  I love to run in the rain.  I ran in the rain and storm last July a Half Marathon, it made realize I will not melt.  So with that a  I have 7 weeks of training left till I run Utah Valley Marathon.  I am very happy where I am at this point.  I have been hearing a lot of stories of marathoner and Half marathons Collapsing at the finish line, some dying and that is so sad it breaks my heart.  People are saying that  maybe those people are not ready for that distance.  alot of people think they can run these races without the proper training.  As a Runner as a marathoner I know I need to run the miles in order to finish and finish strong.  That is why I did not run the marathon I signed up for in April, life got in the way and its a good life so I was not upset.  There will always be another marathon to run and if I’m not ready I am not going to try to pretend I am ready.  As I am writing this I am getting Text alerts from the Boston Marathon from some running friends I have met who are there running.  It is so cool.  A great week of training coming up and I got a new some new workouts in the mail to try I will let you know as soon as I get into it more.  Starting today!!  I am so excited for the next 2 weekends of Half marathons.  My April and May Official halfs and 4th and 5th of this year 2014 ~ 14 in 2014 Quest :))  I am just on my Journey of running and I love it!!  One mile at a time on my way to Utah Valley marathon :))

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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