Awesome Get in Gear Half and My Training :)

iphone photos 077Hello Everyone, Hope you had a great week!  My week was pretty darn good!!  Training was very good, got all my run in this week and they all seemed to go pretty well. I have been training on a Highway that is not very far from my house, sometimes I call it my road cuz I hardly ever see anyone else on it very much other than a few Bikers and the other day I saw both those guys, so that was fun to see someone out and about doing what they love too.  It a great road to run on, I’m so blessed to have it after running in the bigger cites with all the intersections and cars.  I’m never nervous, but I keep my eyes on the drivers because I have had a few people texting and so I m just watching out for my safety.  The nice thing about running this road.  Its close and quick for me, it takes me 2  minutes to drive there on gravel from my house.  Another great thing, Its has hills, it doesn’t look like it or seem like it.  They are long continuous inclines.  So I know I am getting good training on my road!! iphone photos 203 I am so lucky that the shoulder is so great, many roads I look at think thank goodness I have the road I have to run on.  It’s very windy out there, but that give me a great resistance workout as well.  I have been training on this road for years, through the winters and summers and falls and all, So thankful for it!! I am also so lucky to have the trail, it just takes me a little drive to get there, so I go there when I have more time!!    I also got a the New P90x3, so I started that and will do that when I am not running, I like it so far, excited to keep at it!!   I have got in 41 miles so far this week and not sure, my legs are a little sore after my half and extra run yesterday, not sure I’ll sun or not!!  Calls for a longer run next weekend, so that will be great!! 7 weeks till the big Marathons its coming fast.  I am loving my training and staying healthy.  The training is the Journey, the race is just he icing on the cake!!  Yesterday I got up early after my daughter’s softball team played late and went into 14 innings for one of their games.  So I didn’t get to bed early like I thought I was.  So I was a little nervous about how tired I was and I knew I wanted to get to my Race the GET IN GEAR half in Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis early to get parking right there!!  So I headed to the cities at 4:00 am.  I got there in Plenty of time got spot Had to wait to get my bib, so I thought I would run and get a few more miles on the day, through the pretty park. It was great, I have never ran before a race.  It felt like it really loosened me up and I made sure I just ran my normal 10 min mile pace to not wear myself out.  After that I felt great, got my bib and was ready to run this race.  I could feel that it was going to be better.  I’m very confident in my training right now, that winter was so tough, so I was not as confident with my last few half and the temps were so much colder as well, so that makes it tough too.  I was chatting at the start with some nice girls, that was nice, before I knew it was time to go.  We were off  and I was smiling I just had that Feeling Race Day Magic is every race day for me, but I felt more of the magic.  I kept  a nice pace to start out, a lot of people around to start as well.  Then I picked it up and ran every hill there.  I said I was not walking one hill at all goal of the day!!  I did it!!  I walked through some water stations for a few seconds, but I pushed hard but it felt right, that’s when I knew my training was going better.  I was feeling great the whole race, my one leg started to hurt a little at mile 10 but then went away, it was jut getting tired!!  The weather was great it was windy and a hilly course, some of the same course I run for all my Team Ortho races, so I knew it was going to be hilly!  I kept pushing and pushing and came to the awesome finish line with a big monitor and a huge flag flying from a fire truck, I was there and I knew it was a great race happy from the start.  This is my kind of race, wish they all were this good.  It made y day to hear my name called when I crossed the finish line and I did this race 13 minutes faster than my last Half on a lot of the same course!  I was smiling from ear to ear Happy. This was my 4th Official Half Marathon of 2014 consecutive months. I’m soing 14 Half marathons in 2014.  iphone photos 109 I was using this as a great training run and that it did.  10 min miles for 16 miles.   02:11:58 If you believe in yourself,  you can do it.  If you put in the time, it will show through 🙂  I got a great medal and Lime green tech shirt!!  iphone photos 108I walked back to my car, which was right there, I was so happy about that.  Did some stretched and headed home, it was such a great organized race the race id for the RIGHT of Spring!!  I will keep doing this race, it’s just a great way to kick off spring racing.  I am gearing up for another Half Next weekend in Lacrosse WI.  I love this race because it was my first Half marathon.  So this will be my 4th time running it!!  Make me smile!!  It will be my 24th Half now :))  So with one foot in front of the other, one mile after mile, one race after race, Its my passion 🙂  On my way to another Marathon and loving the Journey 46 days till Utah Valley Marathon 🙂

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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