My 4th Lacrosse Half Marathon In a row Recap and Training on tired legs ~

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful spring so far!!  It has finally warmed up here in Minnesota.  This morning was my first run in the early the morning with a Tanktop and a Skirt and I was dripping wet after a 4 mile run.  It felt so great!!  So free from all my Compression!!  Loved every minute of it!!  :))

iphone photos 208So back to last weekend!! It was a very tiring week and lots to do to get ready for graduation, but I am staying positive and not going to be myself down, Just keep getting my miles in the best I can and that helps with the stress of everything!!   Training during the week went really good, I got my miles in a little different, but got them all in!!  I was able to pick my Race packet up on Friday since my daughter had a game close to Lacrosse, could not have been more perfect!  I got to bed a lot earlier for this race, so that felt great!!  I got up early and headed to Lacrosse, I could tell the day was going to be perfect for a Race.  I knew I had put on one too many layers, so I did shed a layer when I got there!!  I loaded the bus to Take my to the top of Grand Dads Bluff .  I sat with a really nice gal from Caledonia and we chatted the whole way!! It was sunny and beautiful, I was smiling from ear to ear thinking This was my 4th year in a row running this Marathon!!  This Half Marathon has a very special place in my heart.  It was my first Half marathon 4 years ago!!  They changed the route up last year.iphone photos 080  The first 2 miles or so are all straight down hill from the top of the Bluff.  I got to the start line!  I was feeling warm already even though I had taken off a layer.  We were off.  I was feeling great right away. I just had a feeling again this was going to be a great race!!  I was cruising down the hill at one point I saw my Garmin in the 6:50 pace I thought that can’t be right!  So I made it down safe and into mile 6,  I could feel my legs were getting heavy.  I kept pushing away Up a few big hills again, it was pretty windy too, but temps were 48 degrees, I was roasting.  I wanted to run it in 02:10 and I pushed hard the last mile to get it and I did!!  I ran it in 02:10:55 . Here is me in all my races at Lacrosse!!  iphone photos 100iphone photos 085  This was a tough winter for training, so i finally feel like my training is working.  These last 2 weeks of races have been so great for my training, I push harder than I do on my own long runs, so so glad I did them!!  I walked back t my and just at and smiled and thought I Keep going back for more.  One foot in front of the other, that is the hard part!!  This week at the beginning of the week was tough day after the race I woke and ran a few miles, I wasn’t too bad, by that night, I was so sore &  I was more sore the 2nd and 3rd day after.  I don’t think I have ever in all 24 Half marathon, been that sore. So then after a few days my legs felt pretty good to run a Half,  I have got all my runs in this week and a bonus Virtual Half, that felt awesome on the Trail!  Sure glad they are back to normal!!!iphone photos 196We had a very blessed weekend with my family for my daughter Confirmation, it was a great day with friends and family, so blessed. In 2 weeks my son will be graduating from High School, so that is exciting!!  iphone photos 137I better get used to Hills I guess, Utah Valley Marathon is in 36 days and I can’t wait, everything has been feeling great.  I have trained right and I could not be more excited to run another Half.  I know that is hard for some people to understand!!  You already know though, how truly much I Love to run!!  I have a 20 miler in store to do this weekend. One of my last longer runs and I’ll do a 16 miler yet as well!!   I am excited for these long runs too, just wish I had Julia here to run them with me!  Me and the Highway I guess!!   Gearing up for my Next Half Marathon Minneapolis Half, super excited for that race as well!!  :))  So with that, mile after mile, one foot in front of the other, just keep pushing forward no matter what!!

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay