Most Awesome 20 miler Ever :))

iphone photos 043Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!!  Hope all you Mother’s out there had a great Mother’s Day.  I am starting my Monday Morning out with some Bullet Proof coffee and coconut oil, one of my favorite things and the Today’s show.  Perfect Monday morning already :)) Here is my 20 mile and wonderful weekend recap, I knew I had a 20 mile run on tap for this last weekend.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it Saturday or Sunday.  I knew we were all going out for my Girlfriend Kars’ Birthday and I wasn’t sure how much I was going to drink, that was going to be the deciding factor.  I got out my phone that night and saw that the Wind was going to be 2 MPH, I could hardly believe, that was the deciding factor right there!!  I had plenty of Wine but was home and in bed by 11:00.  I was geared up to run, I got up early and sipped on coffee and waited a little for the sun to heat things up a little, so I just had to wear my tank top and running skirt, I was already so happy, it was so nice and calm out.  The highway I usually run on is always windy, so this was big!!  I headed out feeling so motivated by the weather also just knowing that my training has been going so good and I knew I was ready for this!!  :)) I ran the first 6 miles to almost town and made up another mile in there.  Got to town, smiling with how great it went 9:30 pace for that part!!  I ran around town and then headed back, I ran into a friend I know, she was running on the same Hwy I was on, it was nice to see her, like I have said before.  I never see many people running at all,  I do see a few bikers.  It always puts a smile  on my face when I see another person.  It was nice to chat with her.  She is also running a full marathon in June and we were both running our 20 miles to gear up for our Marathons!!  Off and running we both went!!  I was still happy knowing I had the 10 miles to go back home.  I just took in the beauty of the day.  It was beautiful out, It was a perfect day for a run, I got so much sun, a tan mark by the time I got home. My tummy was way better than I thought it was going to be after drinking a little too much wine.  I was very thirsty though.   When I got to town, I filled my bottles of waters  up, but I did run a little short.  I was able to make it ok.  Everything on my body felt pretty good.  My leg always seems to bother a little towards the end of longs run, but I pushed through  I ran it in 03:26:19. I was beyond Happy with my time and pace.  Just 6 more miles to add to that in one month!!   My training is going great.  Mile after mile, it’s all paying off and that is why the miles are so important.  Runs like this give you the confidence you need to finish a marathon!!  :))

iphone photos 052So usually I am going to die if I don’t rest for a while the second I get home from a long run, not this time, I instantly started picking up and cleaning things around the house & Finished the laundry.  I wanted it all done so then I could relax.  I then did my Ice bath.  Freezing cold water filled with Ice, it felt great and I swear they work, my legs felt amazing today!!  For sure sore, but not like last week thank goodness. I woke up feeling so good, all in all this was a great 20 miler, the best I have ever had training for all 4 of my marathons.  Mothers day was a great day!!  I got to spend the day with my mom and dad, my kids, my hubby, my dogs a round of golf with my son and mom, a 4 mile run and out for supper with my daughter and hubby.  Perfect day!!  I am so Happy and proud to be a mom to these kids 🙂iphone photos 022iphone photos 016   I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mom in my life as well. Lucky that we live so close to her.  She is always there when we need her!!   iphone photos 053Well with all my crazy miles this week, it’s a grand total of 51 running miles, one of my higher weeks. That make for one happy Glitter Girl on the run considering how tired my legs were, I pushed through in a good way!!  This week will be another good week, I am off the training plan slightly but getting in my miles and long run on different days because of my son’s graduation coming up and its very busy from here on out  & with Softball games as well.  I love all this and wouldn’t have it any other way, no excuses I just make it work!!  I am also excited about helping with a local 5K event this weekend. Staying positive and thinking happy thoughts help a lot and trusting in my training is big!!  I have always believed in myself.  Not saying that it’s all perfect, cuz there has been some rough run, but you can’t dwell on them, you have to accept them and then move on to the next one and hope that is happy and be joyful over the good runs!!   You have the power to choose!!  iphone photos 006 I am gearing up for Minneapolis Half  Marathon in 2 and half weeks.  This is the race I PRd last year.  I loved this race and could not wait to run it again, signed up a long time ago for this one.  I got my race packet and bib already sent to me, so that is nice and one less worry!! This Race starts really early in the morning, so I will be staying in the cities, since a great friend of mine will be having a party the night before.  worked out great!!  This will be my 16 Half marathon, I had counted wrong, I thought it was going to be my 25th, Losing track, just love the 13.1 distance.  I hope I can run this distance forever!!  iphone photos 105I am 33 days away from Utah Valley Marathon, I am so excited to Run there, take in the beauty of that place and see my friends there.  I have missed Julia so much, she is a great Runner friend.  So I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other, mile after mile, race after race, and loving MY JOURNEY.  Be you it your own Journey, it’s all you:) Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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