The emotions are a bit high this week ~

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Hello everyone, its been crazy in my life right now, trying to train for a Marathon, my son is graduating in 6 days, sub sections for his golf team is this week and my daughters sub sections start today for Softball.  It’s all great I love it all so much, just so much going on and trying to finish up Graduation stuff this week.  It will all get done.  Trying to stay calm and breathe it out and then I just go for a run, cuz that always make it better well most of the time. I love all this and I am so excited for this week, it will all be good!!  Yesterday morning was a great day at Church, they recognized the seniors, so proud of them!! iphone photos 005 Training has been going really great all week, got in all miles, changed an 8 miler to a 12 miler that was a great run! Felt great!!  This week has finally started to warm up again, its been so chilly here. Its crazy weather here in Minnesota, 70 one day in the 40s the next day!!   Yesterday I was going to do a 12 miler. This last weekend I helped out a little with our Local Booster Club Falcon 5K and then ran it with a great friend, it was a perfect day for a race and loved running with her!!  iphone photos 165002Started our day off great!!  I had lunch with some friends and we decide to have a bloody mary Our first one ever.  Well we are not a huge fan of them, we sipped on them and only had half, I knew I had a few hours before I was going to run, so I thought I would be ok.  Lunch was great with friends, it’s always awesome to be out with them, so blessed to have such great friends in my life.  I got home and was not feeling the run, that does not usually happen with me.  I’m always excited to run, but I have been so tired, I have not been going to be early at all.  staying up way too late, rest is very important, I know that.  Goal of this week to bed before 10:00 every night!!  So I headed out on my run, water and all.  I was feeling sick the first mile, I knew I was in trouble.  I thought I can not do this today. then I thought to myself.  Wow this does not happen to you ever.  I just did not have the fight in me to stay out there and thought Maybe I was going to get sick, so I turned back and it was so windy I did not have that fight in me today either.  That is a another strength workout in itself !!  So I got in 4 miles outside and was never so glad to be sitting in my car.  I got home and was feeling a little better and hopped on the treadmill to put on some more miles, I got in another 6 but that is all I had in me. all runs are not perfect, sometimes you can make a tough run into a great run, sometimes they just get better, well this was not ever going to get better.  Tought runs make stronger runners, I do believe that and I am more excited for my next run, cuz i know I’m going to kill it or hopefully kill it!!  I got done and laid on the couch right away and was sleeping before I knew it, I never have naps either!!iphone photos 017  well a 2 hour nap is what this girl needed, it felt so great!!  I was happy to get in 38 miles of running this week, i have a long run yet to do this week, which will be tricky with graduation weekend but I am off all week, so I will get it in before the weekend!!  It will be a week of crazy emotions and I cry over everything.  I am excited for the next stage of my sons life, just not sure I’m ready for him to leave yet!!  I am excited for this fun filled week and we will all get through it, my sisters are coming from Georgia and I am so excited to be with friends and family and I’ll still be getting my runs in mile after mile, one foot in front of the other!! Rest Rest Rest though,  25 days till Utah Valley Marathon, could not be more excited!! Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


One thought on “The emotions are a bit high this week ~

  1. Sorry you had a bad running experience — though maybe it was a good reminder that things can’t always be great and that REST is important. Have a fun week prepping for Trevor’s graduation!

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