The Minneapolis half the never was :(

423I was beyond excited for this race. This race is still my PR from last year. Minneapolis half and full marathon. 1:55:54 I still can’t believe I was ever that fast. This was rated one of the top 10 marathons to run from runners world. Along with Utah Valley marathon. I knew that would not come close to a PR this year but I loved this course so much and was really needed a great half marathon before my big marathon and all the runs that were not going so great. This was going to be my 6th Official half marathon this year!!  On my quest for 14 in 2014 🙂  I might have to use my June Marathon in place I think that is an OK Swap LOL 🙂 It’s for my self anyways 🙂 So I headed to the Cities, there was a Packet pick up and they were giving free socks away for my  omens Rock Hal Marathon in August, which I am so excited my Friend Angie is running it too, can’t wait!!  So as I was driving about 45 mins away I realize I forgot my Race bib and chip, ugh I had to turn around and go get that!! iphone photos 105 Then I got to that packet pick up and found that with no problems.  Thank you again running for making strong and giving me the Courage to be able to drive in cities, 4 years ago I would never have done it!!   So then I head to my friends who live up in the cites, they were having a house-warming party and I thought it would be perfect to go there visit with them and  I got a hotel room and I would get a good nights sleep and head to the race. It was great to see Jason and Ellen and their house is just beautiful. Can’t wait to go back when I can stay longer.  Ellen was also planning on running the half in the morning. As I left it was down pouring ugh lightning and thundering I was in the cites by myself not going to lie I was scared but I bucked up and got to my hotel ran in there and got in my room and locked the door. I was thinking oh boy this is going to be a wet run. So I got everything ready to go and got to bed at a decent time. Yay I was happy with that. I got up early and it was storming so bad I got ready and had my breakfast and then I  headed over to the start,  it was a 20 minute drive so that was nice. It was a very early start marathon cuz if the heat in the past. As I drove over there I have never seen such big clear lightning bolts.  It freaked me right out.  I got to the start in plenty of time.  I had a few friends I was meeting up with but neither one was going to have their phone cuz it was raining so hard.  I made my way over to the bathrooms in the rain and it was still lightening.  At that time they had postponed the race one hour later.  So as I was wondering back to my Car I run into Amy a friend from back home and she is now moved to the cities.  She is an awesome runner and having fun running just like me.  We hung out until the start, that was so nice to have her there.412  Also I ran into Ellen while heading to the start, I was so happy to see smiling faces of people I knew 🙂  Always make me happy 🙂 So we got the start line, I was chatting with a girl who was running her first Full marathon, she was from Colorado, she was so excited.  The other 2 girls behind me were running their first half marathons.  I was so excited for these people cuz I knew How excited I was for those first big event!! The time came near and went, I kept thinking This is not good. I did not see anymore lightning at the time, but it was still raining.  We were hearing now that the course was flooding some spots and that it was still lightning as well.  it was 7:45 by now and all of a sudden we saw tons of people walking at us saying it was canceled.  Ugh Yes I was a little upset, but nothing for the people who were by me.  Their first half’s and full.  I am safety first kind of girl, I am not the most serious runner and there will always be another race.  Although  I do know how much goes into training for a marathon.  I have never seen so many bummed out runners that I did that morning.  Most of them understand why but their were a few rude people and you just want to put them in their place.  I was thanking all the volunteers and Race people in charge. They thanks me for thanking them 🙂  I get it just wish everyone did.  I  ran into another friend from my home town and she was supposed to run her 2nd Full Marathon, she was very sad but understood and said there was not another marathon that she could do.  I felt so bad cuz I do know how much time and training it takes and you just want to put forth what you set out and trained for!!  So I got back to my car felt like an eternity had went by and left Minneapolis with no medal, no half but most of all no run that I really needed to get my Confidence up for my Full marathon. This was the first time I had been at a race that it had been cancelled.  I was totally ok when I think of the other people who had the full planned or a first.  I moved on fast.  I had a few graduations that day so I could not run, but I decide then I would get up early the next day and run my race virtually and i would be very happy with that!! So I did and it went pretty good, I was happy with that and mu Friend Amy was so kind and sweet she stopped at the running store where they had the medals if you wanted it!!  Yay I earned the medal and I got a cool shirt out of the deal too.  Also Tema Ortho is so awesome they gave us a $20.00 voucher as well even though you sign a waiver saying no money back.  That’s why I like these races, they are always taking good care of us and well-organized.  439iphone photos 090 Always earned never given, Medals are medals, it’s not about that but they are sure fun to collect and I love seeing the bling on my wall and it reminds me how hard I am working!! I am just thankful I can & able to run run and happy there is always another race.  I posted this to Titte r”The half that never happened this is a first for me. Bummed But I understand they had to cancel the Minneapolis marathon and half marathon. Due to lightning and flooding 😦 So Happy to have met up with Amy before the race to keep each other compost while waiting. #teamortho ”   It made my day when I got this on twitter 🙂 iphone photos 091   Mile after mile one foot in front of the other on my way to Utah Marathon ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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