Live, Laugh, Love and Run ~ Sisters

imagesHello everyone hope you all are all enjoying the wonderful summer.  I know I have been, its been going by so fast. I have a few Blogs to catch up on, it’s just too busy to sit down and write, since you all know me I am full of energy and love to be busy running or staying active, but I have been enjoying writing these Blog so much and more than ever, I love to go back to them all and really take in what I felt and wrote about my runs and in life.   Life has been busy but lots of fun so far this summer. My miles have been down lately, taking  a little time to heal up after my Utah Marathon, I will Blog about that soon, it’s taking me awhile to write it, cuz I loved it so much!!  So back to a Catch up Blog.  It was so much fun having my family here at the end of May for my sons graduation, both sisters from Georgia were here. 090 My youngest sister is a Runner and I have had so much fun running with her every chance I can get.  We went to my parents place in Palm Springs a few years ago and she ran her first Half Marathon, it was so awesome to do that with her and memory we will never forget!!  She actually started running before me and she and a few other girls got me running.  She was running for fun here and there 3-5 miles and one day told me I could run.  I told her no I can’t, I can’t breathe.  Well I have said this before too, I did it one day I called her and told her I ran for 10 minutes straight, man was I proud.  That was all it took for me to continue on running I could not wait the first half I ran I called her and said I ran for 2 hours and 7 minutes without stopping, man I was even proud on to the 26.2 and from there you can see I love to run and have found my passion, so I am thankful she pushed me to try.  So with that she started getting into running more and more and then races.  I told her races push you to keep training harder, we all know we need a little push here and there, I know I do.  So she continues to race as well  I love hearing about her runs and races, it inspires me everyday.  She is an inspiration to me and I am so glad we share this same passion for all sports and running.  So every chance we can get we are up for a Run together.  When she was home for graduation we got in some runs together around town and on the trails, it was great even though it was a busy time it was so great to be running with her!!  Every run I am on I think of her. She is my biggest fan I can’t thank her enough for all the support she has given me over this Journey I am on She is always there with a messages like this ~ I can’t thank her enough, it makes my day.

413These brings tears to my eyes before I race every time.  My other sister and mom are great to support me as well. They have all always been there and supported me through it all.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and Not only a sister but my best friend!! So until we meet up again my dear sister our runs will be filled with thoughts of each other and when it gets tough push harder and know that we both are doing the same.  Thank you for being you Abby and thank you for sharing this Journey of running I’m so glad we are on it together.  Sisters-make-the-best-friends-in-the-world.Marilyn-Monroe-quote-233x250So with that Miles after mile with my Sister with me in spirit I’ll keep doing what I am doing and she will too :))

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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