In it for the Long Runs ~ 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 milers ~ TC Marathon Training :)

iphone photos 139In it for the Long Runs 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 milers ~ TC Marathon Training 🙂  Well I am back, . Hope everyone is getting their lives back into a groove after summer..  I love this time of year, Fall is my favorite and I love a routine, so it is going very well.  The only thing that is hard is not having my son around all the time, but we are adjusting and he is liking it and having a great time playing golf on a team. I love that he is close enough to come home every weekend, that makes me very happy.    Well as you all know I am in Training for my 6th marathon.  I decided last October after running the TC 10 mile race that I was going to run the TC marathon.  The crowds and the support at this race are so amazing.  I left that day in awe and made my decision that day!!  I am so glad that my leg and back have been doing so great on these training runs.  My 16 mile run went great.  It was Hot Hot Hot, but I got it done on my Great Training road not to far from my house, its nice and safe and has some gradual elevation 🙂  iphone photos 122My 17 miler was pure awesome, I went to the Lakes in Winona.  Just love it there, everyone is so happy there and everyone is so happy to be running, walking & biking.  I went around and around it felt so great!! It was a great place to do my Long run, I stayed focused much better, can’t wait to go there soon, to see the leaves changing.  iphone photos 160 Smiling from ear to ear when I left there!!  18 Mile runs have been just great ran on the bike trail for a few of them. ran around the Winona Lakes for one of them, That was just awesome.  Everyone was so happy it helped so much with running the high miles to stay focused.  It was great, I wished I lived closer, it’s a Hour and half drive one way.  That is worth once in a while.  Inspired and motivated me there!!  My 18 miler was awesome, I ran a few miles to meet up with a friend, then we ran the Trail for 11 miles and then I ran back, it was kinda a tough run hard time getting going, but very happy to run it with a friend. I told her that it’s not how fast your long runs are, it’s just getting in the miles so you build up your confidence.   She was training for her first marathon.  Any chance I can get to run with a friend is great.  I don;t have very many runner friends around here.  The runs go so much faster.  Thanks Angie 🙂iphone photos 037iphone photos 038The my 19 miler ~ it was an Ok Run.  I was having a hard time mentally at the beginning but once I got going and it went pretty good, I was happy with my pace considering how the beginning of the run started out!!  Lots of my favorite people were out. They are the biggest wavers on the Highway and smiling so big at me, it totally makes my day when I see them!!  I had a friend that went by to church, 2 hours later she came back, I saw her in the IGA store that evening and she said man you were running for hours, I said yep but I loved seeing you!!  To the average person these miles seem impossible, but I thought that too at one time.  Now I just put those miles into my head and away I go.  They are not all great but I try to find the good in them all, and try to stay positive,  it keeps me going strong.  I walk when I need to and that does not make me any less of a runner :)) I came home after all these runs and had an Ice Bath, pure awesome for these bad legs of mine, I just love it, hard as heck to get in but I know it helps so much, so I just do it!!  Thanks also to a friend along the highway, I forgot to fill up my water bottles in town, so i texted her and stopped at her house to fill up.  It was a lot warmer than I thought I’m not sure I would have made it with out water for the last 4 miles!! iphone photos 077iphone photos 071Last but not least my 20 miler.  I am still smiling over how great it went!! I can’t belive it.   My pace was great, I felt so good  the whole run till the last mile my foot was hurting, new shoes so I think I had my shoe tied too tight!  Everything seemed great, the weather was just perfect!!  I remembered to fill up my water, I stopped to visit my Runner Angel a few tears were shed and On my way I ran.  I asked her for strength to get me through another marathon :))  The only other thing that was not something i like to do is Run in the dark on my Highway.  I knew When I left it was going  to be close, and I ran in the dark for a mile, I had a light on my phone.  My hubby was calling and I was running even fast to get home.  I had a sweet friend stop and ask me if I needed a ride, but I was almost there.  I got home and just thought to myself I am ready for this marathon. iphone photos 162 All my long runs went way better that all my last long runs for my last marathon.  I am so confident that this one will be better.  My mom and dad and daughter will be coming to this marathon. I am so happy for that.  The last 3 marathons have been far away, so they have not been there.  Something about having your family at the finish line.  I can do it with out cuz it is for me, but it sure is nice.  Well my long runs in nut shell.  I have been putting in the miles one foot in front of the other Hard work pays off and I could not be happier than I am with my training.  Trust the Training and that I am ~ iphone photos 160

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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