Womens Rock Half Marathon with my Great friend & her first Half Marathon ~ PROUD

iphone photos 001iphone photos 256 - Copy (3)iphone photos 260Hello Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this fall weather, I have been busy Running and going to my daughters volleyball games.  Loving every bit of it 🙂  I have a few blogs to catch up to my full marathon.  so I’ll start with this one.  This race will be my Women’s Rock 3rd Race in a row.  The first year I ran the Full Women’s Rock and then the last year and this year I ran the Half Marathon.  I love this race, there is so much awesome energy at these races that are all women, it’s just awesome seeing other women doing something they did not think they could do and then do it!!  Pure Awesome in my eyes!!  So the First Year I got a Diamond stone on my W charm and last year in was a pink sapphire stone and this year was a Blue sapphire.  So I have 3 different ones and Love them all so much!!  :))iphone photos 181So back in November my Good friend Angie and I ran a 10 mile Turkey Trot together, it was a great run.  I was so proud of her for doing that no stops all running.  It was a goal she had, during that run she had said that she really really wanted to run a half marathon.  I told her I would do one with her or understand if she wanted to do it on her own.  So time went by, I did not talk to her about it, did not want to push, it was her run and when she was ready she would let me know!!  Well beginning of the summer, she did she texted and said she was all signed up for the Womens Rock.  I was so excited  jumping up and down for her and super excited we could do it together. I know the feeling it is to run something like this could not wait for her to do it!!   We ran some runs this summer together and that was great!!  It’s always nice to run with a friend when you can, it pushed you a little more than normal!!  We had our last Long run before the half and I knew she was very nervous for the run, as I remember that all to well so so nervous for my first half marathon, but we did it and it went pretty darn good!!  I told her this run will give her the confidence she needs and take away those doubts.  She texted me that week feeling great and ready!!  So we had plans to stay in St paul right  by everything, so that was so nice, less stress.  That makes me very happy on race weekend, less stress.  So we headed to th cities, it was a rainy day, but it quit by the time we got to town.  We got our room and headed to the Expo, it was very nice, we got our Race packets and headed back to our room.iphone photos 231  We got all ready and outfits ready. Then we went for a wonderful italian supper.  It was a perfect night before race.  We got back to our room, waiting for Shelley and Amy to Join us, they were running the 10k in the morning as well.  Angie was a little worried about her tummy and it was a matter of time, my tummy was not good at all.  I have not had this issue very often, so I was Pretty concerned about this.   I did not sleep well at all that night and thought This was going to be an issue in the morning as well.  Well up and at it we all got up and I felt great, could not believe it!!  Angie was doing pretty good as for what I could tell.  We all got ready and headed down to the start line.  We used the bathrooms a few times and we were ready. We took a few pictures at the start, it was fun to hang out all together.iphone photos 242
iphone photos 238 I had told Angie I wanted to run with her today and I would run her race. If she wanted me to, so that is what we did!!  I was so happy to be with her running and running her first half marathon with her.  The race went great I could not believe how good I felt considering my tummy.  I was so happy.  Angie was doing so great I was so proud of her!! I was tearing up just thinking of her running and pushing through this awesome race, I told her She believed she could and she did!! iphone photos 251 - Copy - Copy (2) We did it we finished, I was so happy to run this race with her and she ran it strong.  We ran it in 02:28:25.  There was another friend at the finish who had just finished before us and she took pictures of Angie and I coming through.iphone photos 269 What an awesome memory that we will never forget.  This was my 27th Half marathon, still can’t believe I wanted to just run 1 and then 1 marathon, oops I am way past that. As we were going down the finish shoot, a gal came up to me and said Hi Glitter Girl and said she follows my page we got a picture together it was great, that made my day even better!! Its the small things in life that matter too :))iphone photos 262 We met Amy and Shelley and headed over to the post party and had to have some Champaign.  It was great talking and hanging out with them!!  It was a great day all around!! So we headed back showered and we were off headed back home for a fun camping weekend!!  Another Race in the books, they make me so happy just love to run and going to race, there is something magical about it!!  So with that I’ll keep plugging away one foot in front of the other mile after mile race after race and loving every bit of it, good or tough either way I try to find the good in it!!  :))  One more photo, when you work a little harder and have some goals you can do anything you put your mind to!!  This was in June and then September 🙂  Feeling good and still more work to do!!  iphone photos 266

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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