Loop De Loop, my 28th Half Marathon

iphone photos 041I am back, wow 2 Blogs in one week!! How is everyone, hope doing great!!  Life has been super busy but super Fun.Lots of  Volleyball and Running and I love it all!!    I am feeling great a week after my Marathon, can’t believe how great my runs are going!!  Taking it easy still.  I am going back a few weeks to this, I saw this Loop de Loop Half marathon was in Decorah, Iowa.  Which was only a half hour from me and I knew it was going to be on a beautiful trail.  I am doing the 14 half marathons in 2014  and I have a few to get in before the year is up and I just love races, it gets me our running in new places and it pushed me harder and I love to run, so that ‘s perfect.  So I signed up for this one, by myself, just me on a beautiful day on a trail, doing what I love!!    I had a free morning so why not!! I did think of, if I  should really be doing a Half marathon 1 week before my Full marathon, but I knew I would take it easy on this one!  I did not look at the elevation on this run at all, I have a friend that thought about running the 10k  and she had said it had a few hills in it.  So I did not check on that myself, just thought  it will be fine!!  I got up the morning of the race, it was a perfect sunrise the weather was amazing. iphone photos 049 I was almost thinking it was going to get to warm.  I got down to Decorah, the leaves were changing along the drive.  I was super excited to run!!  I love that feeling, it really makes me feel like I am in the right place doing what I love it just seemed right and felt right!!  I checked in, everything was very organized and the start was very close to where I parked as well as the finish line.  I love that.  No stress at all  which is great on race day and makes for one Happy Runner girl. iphone photos 046I got organized and headed to the start line.  Then I saw my friend Heidi at the Start.  She looked nervous, she said she was running her first Half Marathon, I instantly lit up for her, I was so happy that she was doing that.  Pushing out of her comfort zone.  I still love the feeling from finishing a t Half marathon.iphone photos 050  So I was so excited for to run it!!  The race was beautiful, it was along water, the trees were turning colors.  It was on the beautiful trail.  The hills were crazy I could not believe how hilly this was. I kept thinking oh boy I should not be running this hilly of a Half marathon a week before my Full, but it went great, I pushed hard on every hill never walked any of them.  I was so proud of that!!  I was feeling strong!!  I ran with about 4 Bald eagles  flying over me, it gave me chills, I loved it!!  They have the popular Eagles  nest down in Decorah, IA.  I had kind of forgot about that so that was a nice surprise.  I saw Heidi once on the run, that was nice to see someone I knew.  The weather was warm, I was dressed for that, so that was good.  Wow hills, hills, hills. they finally came to an end and  I finished with a smile on my face.  I did not push as hard on this run knowing I had my full in a week.  I still felt strong with those hills and I ran it in 2:15:29.  I got a nice massage and stretch after the Half Marathon for free from local group.  That was a real treat, loved it!!  I waited for Heidi to come through the finish line, it was so awesome to see her finish her Half, I am so proud of her, hope we can run a Half together some day!!  Her mom and dad were there and her Mother in Law, so nice she had them there!!  iphone photos 074iphone photos 083It was a great race over all, just a beautiful day!!  The trail had some cool art work on it that I loved.  This was my 28th Half marathon, I thought I was only going to run one.  Oops ~ So with that one foot in front of the other going back Half Marathon after Half Marathon that’s what makes it tough, but I love a challenge!!  I’ll keep putting in the miles for sure. I am in a challenge group the month of October 100 running miles and I will get that in for sure!!  Have a great day everyone!!  :))

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay Barnes


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