Windy and Hilly Mankato Half Marathon ~

I’m back again, I don’t think I have ever had this many Blogs in a row!  I was on a roll and had to get caught up!!  Well after I ran my last marathon ( which I almost have that blog done), it felt so good running and a few days after I felt amazing!!  All I wanted to do is Run so I thought about it and I felt strong enough to run a Half Marathon I thought.  So I signed up for Mankato Half Marathon.  I ran this one last year and loved it.  So I took it easy but ran some in the last few weeks, trying to recover from my marathon, but get ready for this Half.  I went to my friends last night and had a few beers it was nice to hang out with her.  As we were sitting there chatting I get an email from Mankato Marathon saying there was a Bomb threat on the Course the day before, but they have the guy in custody and the safety of the marathon would be just fine.  iphone photos 209Well after I got that email, I was nervous.  I was not nervous to run at all i was nervous I wasnt going to make it out alive.  No maybe not that bad, but I thought How could this be Boston and now Mankato of all places.  Just could not belive it!!  So I got home and got more organized and headed to bed.  I did not sleep well at all ugh.  Before I new it, it was time to get up 3:00. Got up got ready and headed out!!  I was up early since I wanted to make sure I got good parking.!  The drive was great over there & stopped for coffee.  So I parked at the finish and the buses were taking us to the start line by Mankato state.  I got out of my car and there was a girl getting out of her car.  Very chatty to me which was awesome.  we walked over to the buses and sat together ont he bus ride there!!   It was great i love meeting knew runners!!  Well she had supper with the Race director and and she said the that the bomb scare was nothing to be worried about at all.  That was so great to hear, my worry was wiped away, I honestly ran that whole half marathon without thinking of it once I could not believe it! So we got dropped off and it was another hour before the race started, I got my packet and bib put on.  Then I found a bus stop warming room.  that was nice stayed in there for 30 mins, then i headed to bag drop and to the bathroom.  Before I knew it it was start time.  There was a speaker that told some running stories and very motivating.  He said if you have the courage to run a marathon I guarantee it will change your life, he is so true.  I love running, so glad it came into my life.  iphone photos 212  This was an awesome sign on the end of the bus top warming station.  Perfect for the day!! :))  iphone photos 216iphone photos 215So I knew it being Breast Cancer month that I wanted to wear my stuff and run for my 2 great friends, Shellie and Helen who are both Breast Cancer survivors.  I am so happy and thankful it all worked out for them.  So I shed a tear thinking about them while I ran for them.  It was very windy out there today.  It was an extra push and there was hills another push.  I ran my marathon 2 weeks ago, so I was not sure How strong I would feel for this.  I was really strong for the first 7 miles then I started to get tired legs and knew I was going to struggle.  My legs are always my problem.  I had got my KT tape from a friend and ran out of time to put it on this morning.  I want to research it a little better how to put in on for the pain i am having.  anyways I pushed through it all.  I really did feel pretty good about my run today.  The fact that I ran a full marathon 2 weeks ago really made me realize, I did do well.   I was happy and I have another run coming up and I have a decision to make. This run was going to make it for me Well I am Feeling strong & happy about it!! So we will see :))iphone photos 221  This was a great sign I saw today!!  Loved it!  This run was so pretty on the outskirts of town, through the trails, by Mount Kato and back to through downtown 🙂 iphone photos 218 iphone photos 220 I had one mile to go and was coming around the corner and another girl looked at me out of the blue and said let’s do this, so we ran that together and ran it pretty good.  We both could tell we needed each other to get there.  It was great and then we went our separate ways.  The life of a runner.  Meeting new friends all the time and loving it!!  Came through the finish line and it felt great to be done!!  They had a great shirt and medal Purple and grey.  iphone photos 227I was very hot when I got the end.  I was pretty good the whole race because of the wind, just toward the end did I get pretty hot and it was warming up.  It was beautiful out.  I headed to my car got organized and headed back home, drove straight on through I was scared about being able to walk when I got home but I was pretty good!  It felt so great to be home by 1:00 :))  iphone photos 229Smiling, happy with this run and so glad i did it!!  I did question going then I thought no one is going to ruin my race or anyone else race.  So with that one foot in front of the other another Half marathon under my belt.  This was number 29 :)) one more to complete my 14 Half marathon or more in 2014 :))  Thanks for listening to me babble about my races, but I hope to inspire someone who doesn’t think they can do this if you Believe in yourself,  anyone can do this!!  I also love to go back to my blogs and see how I felt for all my race.  reading them just puts a smile on my face.  Miles miles in the next few weeks I am very pumped for the upcoming weeks 🙂 Lots going on!!  By for now ~

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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