Beautiful Fall Bike Ride turns into a COW Stop ~ Cowbell

iphone photos 032iphone photos 017This is so funny, I had to write a blog on it!!  It was a Beautiful  day,  I had the day off & was getting things done around the house.  I was feeling pretty good after my Half Marathon yesterday.  I was ready to go out and enjoy the trail on this beautiful fall day!!  I loaded up my bike.  My legs were all taped in KT tape. It was the first time I was trying that out!!  I have heard so many great things on it. My legs are always an issue, I suffer with sciatic pain down them, much better after surgery a few years ago, but they are very tender. So I thought I’d give the  tape a try!!  I got down to the trail, smiling from ear to ear. So happy to get down there before the snow flies!! So off I went enjoying my run so much, was going great after the Hills yesterday.iphone photos 018iphone photos 014  I loved seeing the leaves all over the trails in spots.  I was looking for my bald Eagle friend, did not see him but saw his awesome nest.  I love to see if he is sitting in it.  iphone photos 021 No Music for my run just took in all the sounds and the water running down the streams.  Just love it!!  I could tell a difference with the KT tape and I think its going to help me.  I love Amazon, The tape was ordered for sure!!  I ran 3 miles and it felt great!!  So I got on my bike, all geared up phone and portable charger, cuz it seems to go dead on my when its windy and when the service is bad, it drains it.  So off I went to enjoy my Bike ride.  Same route. It was great, I did notice a little snake on the trail while I was biking, I was kinda freaked out by that.  I stopped to take many pictures while on my Bike ride!!  It was just so nice, I kept thinking I wish it could be like this everyday!!  I did notice some new cows were brought in and I notice a few old cow pies on the trail, so the thought of a cow being on the trail crossed my mind, but I had just ran it and saw nothing!!  I have had 2 run ins with cows on this trail and I am scared to death of them!!  So I kept on biking.  I had a chiropractic appointment at 2:30 so I need to be back by 2:15 or so so I turned around and as I came around the corner there was a BIG BLACK COW in the middle of the trail. iphone photos 027iphone photos 023 OMG I almost had a heart attack, I was a little ways away.  Thinking what am I going to do I only had 20 mins to figure it out too.  So I thought I can do this I got all ready and got scared again and again.  i could not do it!!  He was snorting a little.  I never got close enough to see if it was a make or female.  Ugh I was scared to death there was no way I could drive my bike by that cow to save my soul.  So I called my dad.  He laughed at me a little but he could sense the fear in my voice and he said he would be right out to get me so I back tracked to the spot where I could meet him. I planned to do 8 miles today oh boy I knew it was going to be more than that!  So then my mom showed up with the Truck and got me to my appointment, so thankful to have such great parents and that live so close to me for things like this!!  These things I take for granted sometime 😦 so thank you mom and da for always being there when I need you.  So I got done with my Chiropractic appointment and thought about do I want to get a ride or do I want a really tough workout, in the wind Hills and gravels roads so that is what I did.  I headed back out there to get my car.  It was tough but I pushed through, my legs were dead, but I did it.  I once thought I wanted to call my mom, cuz she had told me she would give me a ride out to my car.  I then thought I have run a marathon you can do this girl.  Just wasn’t planning on getting in so many tough miles a day after a half marathon 🙂 iphone photos 030 I got to my car  and smiled and thought all this because of a COW!!  I went back on the trail and just laid down and thought how on earth am I going to get over my fear of the COW.  I guess I just have to get some tougher courage 🙂  Thanks to Molly, she told me to look up the  More cowbell from Saturday Night live, I am still laughing out loud from that!!  It’s just awesome, so the funny thing is living on this farm I have always wanted a cowbell, I have ben looking at antique stores for years for just the right one.  So maybe the more cowbell will help me get past my fear and I will just dance and play the cowbell while going right past the cow.  I was just thanking god I was not running at this point. Alos I am a true city girl I may have lived on a farm for 20 years now, but I am a scaredy  cat for sure!! I So with that I had to share my funny story for the day I am still smiling from it all. It truly was a great day, run, ride 🙂  I had to tell my chiropractor  my excuse for being 5 mins late she just laughed only me!  I also did think while on my bike today. I do like to bike and I like to change it up,  but I truly love the RUN ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay



One thought on “Beautiful Fall Bike Ride turns into a COW Stop ~ Cowbell

  1. Loved your cow story…they can be scary, and I, too, grew up on a farm, and we had dairy cows! Thought you’d enjoy laughing at my cat story from Sunday. I am taking care of Chris & Julie’s two cats while they are on vacation. I went to check on them on Sunday afternoon, give them more food and water, etc. The whole time I was there big, fat, lazy Perseus was sound asleep in his cat bed, and feisty, little Thalia stood at the kitchen door persistently meowing to be let outdoors. I go to leave, and at the door to the garage, I am greeted by a hissing, no longer nicely meowing, Thalia. She was determined to get outdoors. Not about to get in a cat fight, I picked up the garden hoe and waved it. That did it — she bounded back upstairs in a hurry! Oh, those animals can put fear in us!

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