Gobble Gobble Awesome Turkey Day Run ~ 2014

1601282_10152855630318048_8225465794921966795_n 7d4bfbe241e3327133b5aeb331386770Well I took the time to sit down and write in my Blog, 2 blogs in 2 days that pretty good for me!  I never knew that I likes to write till I started doing this blog.  You also can tell by reading this that I am not a very good writing just writing from my heart, so my writing skills are bad, but that’s not why I am doing this. It’s  great to look back for me and hopefully I can motivate someone along my Journey!!  Well that time of year again when they have the Thanksgiving Turkey Day Run from Lanesboro to Preston on the Trail,  Its 10.3 miles.  I had planned on doing it again, this was going to be my 3rd year in a row running it!! I always think it would be nice to just sleep in also, but I know how good I feel after running it!!  So that’s why I do it!!   I had asked my friend Angie if she was planning on running it and her girls.  We all ran it together last year!!  It was nice last year!!  Well this year as the week went on the snow kept coming and the cold kept getting colder ugh.  The weather has been crazy this last Month.  So darn cold already, going to be a long winter!! So it was the night before and my friend Angie and her girls, had let me know that they were in to Run the Race in the morning.  I looked up the weather and it had snowed again the day before. iphone photos 013 The trail was covered we knew that!!  It was -1 degree when I got up that morning and a real feel of -12 Ugh it was cold not much wind so thank goodness for that!!  I dressed in 3 layers.  Bundled right up to the max.  Her hubby brought and waited at he start so we could stay warm.  I was so thankful for that!!  So at 8:00 we were off it was freezing, I could have had a thicker pair of gloves, but I didn’t so I toughed it out!!  We were off to a great start and before long all of said we were warming up good or as good as we could!!  We walked when we needed to.  I was so thankful Angie and her girls wanted to run, I love to Run so much, but it is nice to have friend to run with whenever I can!iphone photos 024  I was proud of her and her girls for doing this and doing great, and they had not run a lot before this, but in shape, so that was awesome for them for doing it!! iphone photos 016 The girls went up ahead of us and we kept plowing through snow 3-4 inches or more of snow down the whole trail.  It was a different kind of hard today, Snow and cold.  Every race is different and tough in its own way!! Well we did it and we felt great Kendyl and Paige were waiting for Angie and I at the Car and they said we haven’t been here long with big smiles on their faces.  I was so proud of all of us!! We did it, in darn good time, better than we thought, so we were happy with that!!   We did it and felt great for the day!!  Not only did we Run 10 miles, but in that snow and cold and that is a different level of hard.  That ‘s is what I love about Running, every run is different, every day is different, they all challenge in someway and some are great and some are not, but you know what I mean if your a runner, in some way they are ll turn out to be good. Just because we got out there and did it!!  iphone photos 018Perfect way to start Thanksgiving day.  I had got up early and made cinnamon rolls and left them for my family while I ran.  I got home took awhile to thaw out.  My legs always get cold no matter how many layers I put on and I was red all over.  I had a nice long Hot Bath, didn’t need an Ice bath was already frozen lol. My family loved the treat I left them before I went running 🙂iphone photos 009 Today I was thankful for my running friend and thankful I can run. So Blessed and  thankful to spend the rest of the day with my family. Thankful my husband supports my running ~iphone photos 023

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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