Oops I changed from Running a Half Marathon to a Full Marathon ~Marathon #7

215171Well its been a month and a lot has been going on!!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I had a great one and spent the day with family!  So blessed they are all doing better now!!  So back about a month, my daughter started not feeling well, we thought it was just a sore throat.  It was the end of the Volleyball season  and her team had won the Sub Section,  She played all through that not feeling well at all, but it  was not going to  stop her from playing, her mind was made up!  So Saturday morning came and they were playing for the Section finals to go on to state a week before this my daughter had come down with strep throat so getting her on meds for that and still playing. She played the last game and they lost that game and ended the season that day.  We got home that night and she did not seem any better. I thought we are going to have to bring her back in.   I had been planning on running a Half Marathon or Full Marathon in Norwalk, WI that next morning.  It’s a Rails to Trails Marathon.  A trail on an old tain track and a mile and half tunnel to run through.  I ran this last year and it was beautiful, I loved it!!  This week I had been thinking of changing to a full marathon, I had paid for a full marathon, but knew I could run any distance I wanted and my goal for this year 2014 was to run 3 marathon, but something came up and I never got my 3rd one in, so in my mind I thought I think I can do this.  So I got up early and headed to Norwalk, WI and was mentally ready to run a marathon, using it as a great training run, not worried about my time at all!! I was a little worried about my daughter but planned to take her in on Monday.  SO geared up and decided to run the Full marathon, talked to the lady and she said if I wanted to do the early start for the marathon I could start in 10 minutes.  Holy buckets I was ready but not I thought I had an hour to kill.  So I got ready very very fast.  Then I was off.  I was so glad I started early.  I had a charger along with my on my run cuz I knew this trail sucks the battery life and I wanted to be sure Tayah could get hold of me.  My Mom and Brett were checking on her.  The day was chilly but once I got going it was great Just a long sleeve shirt was all I needed I had tights on as well.  There were 2 girls  and a guy up ahead of me other than that I was pretty much on my own a lot of the other people who were running and walking.  So I tried to keep those girls in my sight, that worked out great for a while.191
195I got to the Tunnel, I was so happy to run in it. It was so cool, they have lights lighting it all up, you have to be very careful running on it cuz it is very uneven.  One of the coolest places I have run.  The trail was beautiful, the hill sides were so pretty.  Love this little village.  I felt great most of the race, I was just happy to be running another Marathon and completing a goal I had set out to do in the beginning of The year 2014.  As I was running  I knew the official marathon time had started, so I knew  the fast runners caught up to me and so it was nice I had runners all around me to motivate me at the end of the race.  This was a perfect way to end this 2014 year of races.  As I was coming to mile 24 there was  a big sign that said Help yourself to a shot of COURAGE 208That for sure got my attention, because COURAGE is my word, I love it!!  As I read it more it had Jello shots on there that is what it meant, i was floored.  Also because I am the Queen of Jello shots.  I was pumped up then the lady was so happy I was happy almost done running a marathon and going to have a jello shot on mile 24.209  I took a shot with a huge smile, that made my day.  I finished the race strong after that for sure.  The aid stations were so awesome the best I have ever seen!!  Love this small town race and proud that I finished my 7th Marathon.  The girl who was only going to run one marathon cuz i had back surgery 3 years ago.  My Quest is still not over, it’s really not a quest cuz I love to run so much, that as long as I feel this good I am going to keep doing what i am doing.  It might sound crazy to some, but I feel better when I am running lots than when I take breaks and don’t run as many miles.  So I got my awesome Rails to Trails Medal and walked away with a huge smile on my face thinking How can I feel this good after running that far.  I knew then and there this is right where I am supposed to be.  AS I got to the car and drove away my daughter was calling and saying she was not doing the best and thought when I got home we would go to the ER.  SO that we did She was one sick Girl, she ended up having mono, Tonsillar Access and strep throat.  the next day she was admitted into the Hospital  and a day later had surgery on her tonsils.  Wow is was a 4 day whirl wind, from playing volleyball, to running a marathon for me to the ER to the hospital to surgery. She made it through surgery well, so thankful for that.  237 Wow but we made it through it all.  My daughter is one strong little girl. We had so many people praying for her, The support was amazing. We had heard to get the paper cuz Tayah had made her picture in Post bulletin playing her last volleyball game sick but played well.  That put a smile of her face after surgery to see that!!  234 She lost a lot of weight and strength, but she has got it all mostly back now and back to playing basketball now. We are so blessed everything turned out ok with her.  As for me it was a great time to just rest and heal after my marathon, I always want to run right after from my runners high and know I should take a few days off, so that is what I did.  I guess I am that girl who oops went to run and Half marathon and changes it to a Full Marathon.  I am happy and proud that I was in shape for that.  I always want to be half Marathon ready so that means one foot in front of the other mile after mile I am  doing and loving the Journey even when there are bumps in the road we press on and we get over them and they make us stronger ~213

216Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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