Tough start to Winter Running ~ but hanging in there :))

018This is what I think of the Winter Cold coming to fast 🙂 ^ Hello everyone hope you are all staying warm and getting ready for the Holidays !! I Love the Holidays so much!!   Well this year it got cold very fast, and I mean -20 right off the bat in November!! 024I usually have time to ease into the winter running and then by the time January gets here I am ready.  Well not the case, I think I went 7 days without an outside run in November.  Ugh My miles this last November were not so good but I was needing a break after running back to back marathons so it was good for me and trying to get my daughter back to better health.   It led me to look back to last years Daily Mile stats and I had 79 miles last November.  I guess November is my low miles month.  I know I am capable of a lot more like my April miles this last year were 166 miles, but I did know that I needed a break. I had a goal to run 1,400 mile in 2014 and very proud of achieving another goal I had I am over 1500 and I still have 10 days left in December.  I love goals I set a lot of small and big goals each year and I try my hardest to complete them.  I will be blogging about my 14 Half marathons in 2014 and I have the new goal of 15 Half marathons in 2015 again!! This makes me work hard and stay committed even when I love it so much so. It’s not as hard when you love it so much but  It’s not always easy to get out and get those miles done. It’s all in the training.  The Runs and Races is the icing on the cake a celebration of how hard you are working!!  So I am learning to just dress warm in Layers.  I figure I can always take a layer if I am too hot, but That is usually not the case where I do most of my training.  It is always windy on my training road. 074 I think of that as another strength workout.  I am trying really hard to get other workouts in to strengthen my core.  When I ran Fargo in 2013 I was the strongest and in the best shape, major goal to get there again and I know what I have to do, just need to work super hard on what I did.  I am such a paper and pen write it down and put in into my Daily mile online kind of girl, I am so glad I do that so I can look back and see.  So instead of getting down on the weather I am trying to embrace it and be thankful that I can run and that I have this beautiful changes in weather.   I could not be more Happy that my sister is home for Christmas and we will Run & workout lots while she is home.  We are each others biggest fans and motivators and best friends 🙂  We can talk to each other about anything,  love her so much  and so blessed to have her in my life.  So I am signed up for the Polar Dash 15 mile run on January 1st.   So I was challenged go home or go Big.  SOOOOOO I am not going home with out the YETI medalsiphone photos 012 I am also running a 5 K and at 1500 meter run after I run 15 miles.  I am praying the weather is better than last year -20 below it was so cold thought I was going to die.  So why would I do this again, well you know me by now, I LOVE A CHALLENGE  all 4 medals and tough runner in the Winter :))  10570368_733739743346101_1461527401379706509_none foot in front of the other mile after mile on my Journey ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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