The Elf Runs ~ Virtual 5k, 10k & Half Marathon :)

iphone photos 150Well Christmas is almost here, is everyone ready??  I Love Love the Holidays, I am ready!!   I always try hard to be ready with everything early so I don’t feel rushed !!  Also so I can enjoy all my decorations and Lights and the true meaning of Christmas, it goes by so fast.  Christmas is my favorite and I love to decorate every stitch of the house and  love it all so much!!  I had so much fun with my Runner tree this year, that will be in my next blog, so cute not to share!!   My outdoor running has been going much better since it warmed up outside, that sure does make a difference. I also have another challenge that has motivated me.  The Run Streak From Runners World.  You have Run at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I did this a few years ago and loved the motivation it gave me especially during the Holiday, cuz I know I eat too many goodies!!  It’s usually not a problem for me to get out and get my run in, but it is a busy time of year.  So Some days its hard to get that mile in, but once you get out the door or jump on the treadmill,  it’s not bad at all and you never regret it!!   I have run every day since and my miles are back up where I like them!!   So my other December Challenge was to run some Virtual races, so my Runner friend and favorite Blogger ~ Run With Jess puts on a lot of great Virtual Runs.  10291699_793107187414907_2401861708988910847_nThis year she put on The Elf Runs 🙂  Half Marathon, 10K & 5K,  3 races.  I decided right then that I was going to run all 3 races and I ordered the super cute medals she had made and I came up with my own Elf name Glitter McJingles  :))That makes me smile of course anything with Glitter or Sparkle I am all over in !!  :))iphone photos 141I was super excited to do these runs, cuz I knew they would motivate and they did and I love dressing up in all my Christmas stuff to run in!!  iphone photos 152So I ran the 5 K first by myself!  right after I ran that run I got home Tayah was taking a picture of me and it all happened so fast I missed a step and fell down the stairs on my back and arm.  Instant bruise on my arm and back.  I laid there for a minute and then Got up.  wow I could not believe I felt OK but I did and the next morning i felt ok as well so thankful god was in my side and I did not break my arm cuz it was bad!!  So then the next week I had asked my friend Angie if she wanted to do the 10K  run with me and she said yes she did.  I was very excited and love to run with her!!  So she came out to my house and we ran from here we were all dresses up in our Elf outfits :))182 We had a great run, the weather was warmer so that was great, but it was very foggy.  So were worn lights and a vest to make us more visible!!  It was so nice to run with a friend, I am pretty much on my own, which I love to run on my own too.  Sometimes I wish there was a running group close for when you need that extra motivation.  So I cherish every run I get with friends or my sister!!  We got back and felt so great and happy that we went out and got it done and together!!   So this was on a Sunday and I my plan was to run the Half Marathon this week as well.  Wow I was thinking I was not easing back into my miles very good and that week I could tell, my shins were feeling so out came the compression socks and they always help me!!  So on Wednesday, cuz I knew it was going to be a busy weekend I got out and ran the Half I did some miles on the treadmill cuz it was so cold and I had only ran the most of 10 miles outside lately, so I was kinda being a baby, but that worked great and I got done with my run just before it got dark, it was tough to start the wind was fierce the Sun was deceiving.  I did not dress as warm as I  should have. Also I found out you have to be watching for Amish Poo along the rad cuz it Freezes up and I just about turned my ankle twice on the stuff ugh.   I was very happy to have that in the books and felt better about getting in a long run before the Polar dash coming up as well!!  So thank you Run with Jess for putting on such great Virtual Runs :))iphone photos 074Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, enjoy your friends and family, I know I will!!

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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