Goal Accomplished ~ 14 Half Marathons in 2014 ~ #14in14

2AnnounceButton_WEBHello Everyone, hope you had a wonderful Christmas with you families and you are ready to bring in the New Year, 2015 ~ very soon. I am so excited for the New Year, I feel this is going to be my year, not sure why I have that feeling but I love having it.  I feel the start of something great, so I’ll take it and can’t wait to see what is in store for 2015.   Before I do my New Years Blog, I want to Recap on my 14 Half Marathon in 2014 ~ 14in14 . The challenge involves Running 14 races in 2014.  You could choose from all races.  I chose 14 Half Marathons in 2014.  I knew How hard it was to get 13 in last year, but I was bound and determined.  I knew this year I would be using my full marathon toward this to make them all official  which its my own goal, so I was fine with that. Sometimes its just hard with life and everything to fit those races in.   As I was working on my goal I had to throw in 4 virtual Half just cuz that’s me.  It was truly another amazing year of Running.  I still tear up when I think of all I did. I still go back to the thoughts, the girl who thought she could never run and then I found my passion.  I do feel that I was a little more Lax or laid back on my training this last year, my times in the races were a little longer, I had gained a little weight from the previous year.  so that is harder to run when you weigh more.  That is a goal I need to work very hard on is fueling my body better and sticking to it!!  I have the most trouble with that, cuz I love to workout, but if you don’t eat right along with it the pounds don’t stay off!!  Even though it was more laid back, I still enjoyed my year of running, but it made me very aware that it is time to change it up and get out of my comfort Zone.  One very sad thing about this last year, is that I was missing a very dear to my heart friend Julia, I raced and ran with her so much in 2013 and it was amazing, it brings tears to my eyes when i think of it.  We met online and I know she was brought into my life for reason.  She taught me so much about running and life in a short amount of time, and I will forever be grateful for our time cherish the memories that we have and hope to make more with her, just wish I lived closer to her!!  I talk about her like she lives right her still to this day, thanks Julia for being you!! So here I go Back to the beginning of 2014 Mile after mile I started the year off with a Bang!!  iphone photos 078   My First Half marathon of 2014 was actually a 14 miles of the New Year.  It was the Polar Dash and they changes it to a 14 miler since it was 2014.  It was very Cold a real feel of -22, I was absolutely Frozen, but pushed thorough great way to kick off the New year for this Runner girl!!

iphone photos 297My 2nd Half Marathon was the Half Fast Marathon in the Cities. This was my second time running this race.  I love this little race.  It worked out great cuz my daughter had a Volleyball tourney in the cities that day.  I also got very lucky it started snowing just as soon as I was done running and snowed 8 inches that day.

iphone photos 153

My 3rd half Marathon on the Year was The Get Lucky, it was my 2nd time running that race.  Had a lot of fun driving up to this race with a friend, lots of laughs.  We just about didn’t make it, thank goodness for our other friend who told us,  we were at the wrong start line, I still start laughing out loud every time I think of that!!  It was a bit windy this day, but temps were not as bad as they had been the last 2 races.  Great memories.

iphone photos 109 The 4th Half Marathon was in the cities and it was the Get in Gear, it was decent Temps, last year we ran this race in tank tops.  It was so hot, well not that warm this race but decent.  It was a great Race.

iphone photos 086

iphone photos 100My 5th Half Marathon was in Lacrosse.  Grandad Half Marathon.  It will always ho,d a special spot for me.  It was where I ran my first Half marathon, before that I never thought I could run not and in a day I’ll be running my 30 Half Marathon:)  She believed she could and so she did!! This year I am signed up to run it again and it will be my 5th year in a row running it and I can hardly wait!!  DOMINATION :))



Well my 5th Half marathon was the Race that did not happen due to bad weather.  It was a bummer but I totally understand why and the safety of us all.  So the next day I got up early and ran this Half marathon on my own at home and my friend picked up my medal for me, so It all worked out fine and I got my race in.

iphone photos 420

iphone photos 444My 7th Half Marathon was the Live Laugh Love and Run Race in Albert Lea.  It was an extra special run to me,  it was on our Anniversary.  17 years married to my wonderful Hubby and 22 together!  So blessed to have such a wonderful Husband and he supports all my running a 100% so thankful for that!! It was a tougher race for me, a lot of leg pain in this race and it the pouring rain, but I finished and had a wonderful time out with my hubby. So far so good a Half Marathon Every Month.  I love to be Half Marathon ready all the time and will continue that again this year as well.

iphone photos 260

iphone photos 251The 8th Half Marathon was the Womens Rock, my 3rd Year running this Race.  This was so awesome Running this run with my Great Friend Angie and the best part was running the whole race with her and finishing her first Half marathon with her!!  She believed she could and so she did!!  It was a great day, can’t wait to run lots more with her this next year!! Runners make the best friends :)) because you push and inspire and motivate each other and it all areas of life!iphone photos 082My 9th Half Marathon was the Loop De Loop in Decorah, Ia.  I loved this race even thought it was very hilly and I had a full marathon the next week.  It was absolutely beautiful and the eagles were out and flying over us while we ran. I don’t think I ever stopped smiling.

iphone photos 229


My 10th Half Marathon was in Mankato, second time running this race. Most of the races this was the second or third year running them.  Love to run, so why not keep it going!!  This was another special place to me.  this is where My hubby and I lived first, it just has a special place in my heart.  This was a special race, I ran for my 2 friends Shellie and Helen that both fought Breast Cancer and won.  I am so thankful for that.  I ran for both of them this race.  It was a tough run right after a full marathon, but I pushed through once again and did it.  The hard part is I keep coming back for more race after race. knowing that I know how hard it really is going to be.

215My 11th Half marathon was in Norwalk WI Rails to Trails.  Opps I changed it to a Full Marathon that week.  It was a great race, I had a goal at the beginning of the year to run 3 marathons and Something came up and I could not run one in April. So that was weighing on me.  I knew I could change this easily and so I did and I even got a Jello shot at an aid station/ Love the beauty on this trail, I am going back to run this one again!!  Love it there and you run through a tunnel!!

iphone photos 583My 12th Half Marathon was My Birthday Run Virtual, it was a great Run, it is always chilly still on my Birthday, but It was not too bad.  Nothing better than getting in the miles on your Birthday, a smile to show it!!

iphone photos 115My 13th Half Marathon was Wonder Women Virtual, I love Wonder Women, I have always loved her and Love this medal I got for this one, it was a perfect spring day, the weather was great!!  Had to bring out my socks and band for this run!!  :))

iphone photos 076My 14th Half Marathon was the Elf Run Virtual Run. It was very windy and chilly I did a few miles on the treadmill and then the rest outside.  Loved the medal for this run and love to dress up.  Was happy to have my last Half of the year and end with this one. The ELF made me do this Challenge.

iphone photos 230Marathon #1 of 2014 was the Best.  Utah Valley Marathon,  even though it is my slowest Marathon.  I was so happy to go to Utah and see Julia and Run at this Beautiful place.  It was the most breath taking place ever.  The elevation got to me and it was a very tough run for me. I got sick but it was just too pretty to think about how much it hurt so I pushed through and took in the beauty.  I can’t wait to go back and run it again someday.  Best part about it I got to do it with Julia and her friends!!

iphone photos 246iphone photos 255Marathon #2 of 2014 Was the TC Marathon, which was also the best, cuz my mom and Tayah were there for me and that meant the world to me!  It was a great race, it was so pretty.  The people along the route were amazing.  I saw my friend Amy there to cheer me on as well, mae me very happy to see her.   I will blog more about my marathon very soon. I will for sure run this race again, loved it!!  The weather was great that day as well.
215197and last but not least Marathon # 3 of 2014 . Was my 7th Marathon, goal completed was beyond happy to have finished my 7th marathon.  I have dug deep for all these runs, I had back surgery 3 years ago and I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep running this much, but I know when I am over doing it and when I am good to go and I want to still kept running so I will just keep doing what I am doing.  Listening to my body when I need to is very important.  I am more than exited to do the 15 in 2015 Hoping to get 15 Half Marathons in and 3 marathons again.  Hoping everything goes good and the training goes well.  I also ran some 5 ks this year and a 10 miles with a great friends.  I ran 17 official races this year.  Here is all my fancy Bling from 2014, so so proud of all of this, it’s not all about the bling, but I love it and the more Glitter on it the better :))

unnamedThere it is in a nut shell. I was not sure I would be able to do it all over again, but with a lot of determination, discipline, dedication, hope, passion,pride and Commitment, I did do it, I did not PR this last year, but then I did not push and work as hard as I needed to do to accomplish that, but I was ok with that.  Well its time to step it up!!   So that is my new Goal.  Running has brought me to so many places and I have met knew Friends and made new friendships that I never set out to do and I do believe runners make the best friends. I run for me, I am not in competition with anyone, I run my own race on my journey to being healthy and fit for life.  This Journey will never be over it’s a life long one.  I am hoping I’ll be able to run for many more years.  This has been a great challenge and I look forward to the New Year and 15 in 15 . The Start of something Great!!

Mile after Mile one foot in front of the other on my Journey  ~

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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