The Best way to Start My New Year ~ Super Yeti/Polar Dash Challenge

iphone photos 009Hello everyone, hope you all had a fun New Years Eve and wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year, May all your Dreams Come true this year!! My New Years eve was an early night, but I was ok with that because I chose to Run!! We went to some good friends.  My husband drove separate cuz I was leaving around 9:00.  I drank 1 jug of Gatorade and one jug of water just there and fueled the last few days as well.  I did end up having 1 beer, which I am usually fine with!  All my friends once again were very supportive and Hugs from all and Good Luck wishes.  They are always so good to me.  Also getting texts from other friends and my sister as well.  It’s a tough choice every year to not party and bring in the new Year, but I know the races are so rewarding as well.  So then I am ok with it!!  It’s the sacrifice I make.  I try to find the positive in it!! So I got home, I had laid all my stuff out earlier that day, so that was good!! I Love Olaf the Snowman from frozen, so I had found some tights and a shirt, hat and thought it would be fun to wear this to the Winter polar Dash!!  I was able to get to bed right away,  I was so tired, so I had no problem getting to sleep, but then I did get up to make sure everyone made it home safe and sound.  Check everyone was sleeping!!  The alarm then went off, I flew out of bed, was super excited and not as Nervous as I was because the weather has got warmer.  I love it when I have that Giddy Feeling beyond excited to run, I know that I am in the right place, doing what I love!  that makes a world of difference and for sure this year cuz I was going to be running 19.3 miles.  I had my coffee, breakfast and got dressed in all my layers. The funny thing this morning, I forgot to put my makeup on.  I always put it on everyday races.  Totally forget,no biggy just weird!! So then I was off to the Cities, it takes about 2 and half hours to get there.  I left plenty early cuz i have my same parking spot and you have to be early to get it, cuz its  nice and close.  So I pulled up there and they had blocked a little more of the street off this year, but there was spot on the end.  I got very lucky,  I was happy!! So I hung out in my car went to use bathroom and back to my car till 8:30.  Then I went to the waiting area, had some nice conversations with a few runner girls, always love chatting before races!!    I headed to the start line, it was beautiful put snowing just a bit, but then it quit!!iphone photos 057  We were off!! I felt great right off the bat.  Pushed had for the first 6 miles, was very happy with my pace that far.  I was started to slow way down, my Legs hurt and my hips were feeling it too.  I was a little chilly in my thighs, I always feel cold there.  Everywhere Else I was fine.  I took my gloves off at mile 3 and never put them back on till the end!!  It was about mile 6 or 7 and this Girl mentioned she wanted to run with me.  I was very happy to run with her.  I don’t usually run with people, sometimes friends, but not very often.  Hoping that changes and I can run more with friends love that!!  So we chatted for miles and miles it was great we took walk breaks and then our pace wasn’t too bad when we got going again.  I was so glad she asked me, we talked about a lot of stuff.  The awesome thing is that she was a sprinter and took some time off running to start a family. She mention she was running Get Lucky, so i am hoping to meet up with her again.  I may have found another running buddy and that makes me very Happy!!  She was not doing the Yeti so we went our separate ways. I was bummed we didn’t get a picture, hopefully there is a next time!!   So thankful for her today, made the race fly by. I told her by the time Get Lucky gets her I want to have 10-15 pounds off so it’s not as tough for me to run, I know that is why its harder for me lately.  I know what I have to do, just have to work hard ad get it done!!iphone photos 071  So I got done with the 15 Miler, smiling from ear to ear and excited to line up for the 5k.  We were off ran that a lot slower, but did not care just wanted to finish this Yeti Challenge.  Got done with that and  started the 1500 meter right away.  I ran that pretty fast considering, but I knew I was done when I was done!!  Check I did it!! iphone photos 063 I am a Super YETI.  15 miler, 5k and 1500 meter = 19.3 miles, just 7 miles short of a Marathon and it the dead of Winter. If you did all races you got a medal for each and then a Yeti medal for doing them all!!  Love the fancy bling!!  unnamed (3)I was not sure I was going to be able to do this, but  The weather was great, I was so Happy, sun was shining, I dressed a little too warm, but you never know!! It was 30 degrees different from last year.  It was -22 last year.  so Mentally hard.  The temps this year were 17 degrees real feel 10 degrees and no wind. Last year the thought of running outside after the race,made me sick, today different story, I can’t wait to run.  Planning next run already. I w I am sure I will be pretty sore in the morning, I rolled out and stretched good when I got home.  I had a nice hot bath, no Ice bath needed.  Thank you to all my friends and family for all the text messages and snaps, it makes my day and I am so thankful for your support you give me following my dream. I got his nice picture from a dear friend, just made me smile when I got to the car after I had finished!!Iiphone photos 072  I could not be happier to start the New Year 2015 with a big race like this and the Yeti Challenge.  The start of something big, another great Quote I saw today after writing down all my goals the last week. This really made me think Long and hard over this one, I thought about this in the beginning of my run.  Its time to change it up and go far out of my comfort zone.  RESPECT YOUR GOALS don’t just make goals ACHIEVE Them!   7eb0f7179138cf1b70e81bb2f543bcc2I had a nice afternoon, evening just relaxing with my feet up!  So happy I had Christmas all taken down so I didn’t  have that to think about!!  So happy I put one foot in front of the other, mile after mile and got a run in on the First day of this great year. Perfect start to the New Year Img_1368iphone photos 055

The start of something Great My Mantra for the Year

Glitter Girl on the RUN ~ Lindsay


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