Be Fierce ~ Believe

iPiccy_PaintingWow it’s been awhile, so busy I can’t even blog I guess.  No not really. I hope you have all been great and handling the cold and winter ok.  Wow it has been another tough Winter!!  I keep thinking one of these years its got to get better and it gets worse.  The cold temps have been just awful and the High winds make it so tough to get out and run in. The beginning of the New Year came and went and here we are to March already.  I had sets some small goals for the first few months and I am so happy with following through with them.  They were to attend boot camp faithfully 2 3 times a week, meet up with a friend a 2 mornings a week, Getting Insanity in and sticking to it!  Also getting in my runs.  Yay I have done all of the above and an I feel great. I love going to boot camp, I love working out in a group, I push so much harder and the girls are great there!! iphone photos 249 I meet my friend Angie At my Club 2 times a week and it is just great, it has helped to get up early again and I am so happy about that!!  We push each other and we have never had en excuse to not meet, we are committed, so thankful for that.  Friends that workout together is just great 🙂  iphone photos 123 The hard part for me is committing to eating right most of the time, I can do great during the week and then the weekend comes and I just fall off the wagon, so The next few months I am going to try even harder at working on this since I am doing pretty good at the other part!! You have to believe in yourself.  Believe is my word of the Year and The start of something great is my Mantra, I love having those in my head, it really makes me think about how bad do you want it!!iphone photos 124   I am lifting a lot more I am planking everyday and feeling so strong from that. I love it that I can tell and holding 2 minute planks.  iphone photos 371That makes me happy.  I can tell on my runs that I am getting stronger, when your core is strong, you run much better!! The runs here this winter have been very hard, some days I didn’t feel like they were that great of runs, but I was out there in Negative temps and that’s what matters to me. iphone photos 051 Putting in the time and getting the miles in and enjoying the Journey one step at a time, mile after mile.  I am still so proud 4 years ago, I would have never ran or walked outside and now I just bundle up right and head out the door, I don’t think too hard about it and I never regret it!  Yes some days it’s so windy you think you might die, but I would just push through it.  I don’t run as many miles when it is so cold and windy, Usually 3-5 miles is all I can handle when its negative temps. I am just happy I can run and that I am getting out the door.  Winters do make it tough.  I am not a huge fan of the treadmill. I have to really focus when I am on there.  I get a much better run for me outside, but some days I am so Happy that I have a treadmill to get on and run and some days when i am short of time, its nice to hop on the treadmill and get it done. I am in full training for my upcoming Marathon.  I was waiting on my daughter sports schedules and  was still deciding and I finally I did.  I am running the Med City Marathon in May and I am super excited!! I am in full swing of training, adding higher miles now and the weather is warming up just in time, I got in a 13 miler this last weekend and it felt great!!  iphone photos 028    I have run the Half and now excited to run the full marathon and nice and  close to my home town. Also excited my Dear friend and her son are going to Run the Half. Super excited for them to do that together!!    I was getting so sick of this cold and was having a hard time staying motivated,but this weather helped and this long run motivate me so much and I am ready to tackle the miles.  She believed she can and she will.  One foot in front of the other, Mile after mile day after day and loving it all most of the time.  The race will be the icing on the cake!!j5W4nrqF

Glitter Girl on the Run ~ Lindsay


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